Tuesday, July 28, 2009

my internet video presence needs some serious work

this past weekend was chris' 31st birthday and we went out to silver spring for dinner and drinking. well while we were out a girl was looking for someone to dance with. all of my married friends pointed to me, being the single guy in the group. although, i usually avoid dancing to crappy cover bands on completely empty dance floors, i felt pressured, combined with my new "fuck-it" approach to life, i agreed. i am not a good dancer and the song was not a fast or slow song, so it made everything pretty awkward. so of course everyone watches and laughs and even videotapes it for what i can only assume will end up on the internet, much to my chagrin.

this made me pause and think. that video and the video of laura slapping me are basically my only video presence on the internet. so basically, in all videos of me online i am just getting straight clowned. that just does not sit well with me and i think i need to do a little pr work to improve my image on the web.

phil suggested i get someone to start filming candid video of me doing good deeds and then acting embarrassed that they "caught me". and that i should go on about how i don't do it for the positive attention, that i just like helping people and it's kind of just become an everyday type of thing...or even a way of life. either way, here are a few potential things i could do:
  • give money to the homeless
  • help protect an elderly woman from a mugger (played by a friend who wears a ski mask)
  • rescue a dog (jessie) stuck in a tree
  • push a kid out of the way of oncoming traffic
any other ideas? help me out.

this also all goes along with sort of a new lofty goal of creating some sort of viral video. obviously it will take a lot of trial and error and some serious luck, but i figure it will at least yield something funny to me. my hope is it is a viral video that shows me in a good light and not something that is thoroughly humiliating and briefly makes me the laughing stock of the country.

so hopefully it's not so much this:

and more along the lines of this:

who wants in on this? come holla at your boy.

happy birthday lolo

dearest lori,

45 years ago today, the world was given one of the sweetest gifts ever...you. my love for you started back around age 9 where your beauty caught my eye in the criminally underrated film, rad. everyone who knows me is familiar with you being my all time #1 celebrity crush. maybe one day i will meet you and stare in shock, not being able to talk, but that day will surely be the greatest day in my life. though you may be half way to 90, your beauty knows no age and quite frankly you put most 20 something celebrities to shame. i will end this creepy blog post now before things get even weirder, but i just want to wish you a happy birthday!


kevin loughlin

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

28 days laura

laura and i have discussed having a horror movie marathon, which appears to be a go for saturday afternoon. i am definitely more of the scary movie connoisseur (my initial attempt at spelling that word was way off) and sent laura an initial batch of already on-hand movies we could choose from. after some e-mailing back and forth, we wittled the list down to the following:
  • descent
  • quarantine
  • high tension
  • them
  • the orphanage
what i noticed was that laura was vetoing anything involving zombies. i'm glad i know that she is scared of zombies. not that i plan on using that knowledge in any sort of antagonistic way, but it's nice to stockpile as much potential arsenal as possible. either way, i am still lobbying to include 28 days later, since they are not technically undead. anybody else have any other good horror movie suggestions?

i also realize that we cannot possibly watch all of these movies since watching a dozen hours of nonstop tv can't be healthy, but we also have chris' ufc 100 party to go to. realistically we are looking at 3 movies, so hopefully we choose them wisely. i am looking forward to laura getting scared and me laughing about it.

it also crossed my mind that this could be a nice setting for some serious dance slap payback, but i'm thinking it's too soon, and i guess the fact that i am writing about it proves that i won't actually slap her. or will i? i won't.