Saturday, January 16, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

sneak preview

i haven't posted about my newest obsession, jersey shore. i guess my other new obsession, facebook has provided an outlet for that. anyways, we will hopefully be having a jersey shore party in a few weeks. dave and i have begun the careful crafting our uniforms for when we beat up the beat. this is just a small taste of what you can expect. also, if you have any ideas for stuff to add, let me know in the comments.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

still figuring all this out

again, maybe because i am new to this, but how/why does someone i have never met send me a friend request on facebook? i got a request this morning from some asian girl i am pretty sure i have never seen before. because i have a lot of free time at work, i did a little detective work and perused her friends. all asian. i only know a few and none of them were there. is she collecting asians? my curiousity has piqued. only one way to find out.

new friend accepted...

update....i saw when she was born and immediately unfriended her.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

i could only fight the good fight for so long

i finally quit being a baby and signed up for facebook. it got old explaining to people that i am not on facebook because my friend phil said i should be. i went kinda crazy with it on sunday and just started sending friend requests to anyone i knew. it was fun collecting friends like they were pokemon. i was instantly hooked at looking at pics and catching up with people i haven't seen in years. i was finding facebook to be amazing in general and was slightly concerned that i would become addicted.

this initial excitement has waned significantly over the last day or so. the rush of people becoming my friend has slowed and because i am new to the scene, i am still not completely familiar with how everything works. there seems to be a lot of diversions to choose from on facebook...maybe too many. the ability to post things on other peoples' "walls" lends itself to some obnoxious and assy possibilities. i do wish there was a "hate" option to counter all those likers.

this will be a good place to post pics. also, as a single guy, it's probably to my advantage to be on facebook, so when i meet new people i can expand my network a little. dave explained that it is good for checking out (pervin on) girls, but i don't think that is my style, as i tend to keep things classy. i also found you can be a fan of things, like celebrities. i have obviously "fan'ed" my 2 favorite celebrities, lolo and terry crews. we'll see if this becomes a heavily used social tool or another twitter where i get real into it and then just as quickly lose interest. only time will tell.

now that i finally sold out, it's time for allison to follow suit. i already know she is gonna be a stubborn donkey, so i will probably be creating an account for her, as is our custom. i don't really have many pictures of her, so i may have to get creative.