Friday, May 30, 2008

vacation forecast

as i mentioned yesterday, we are headed to the dominican republic pretty soon. i booked this trip so long ago and have been anticipating it so much that it feels a little weird that it is actually approaching. i tend to get real hyped up for trips where i am constantly reading reviews and any info i can get on where i am going. this will be my first trip to an "all-inclusive" resort and i hope to make good use of the inclusives.

with all of this in mind, i realize that the trip will not be perfect and i like to have reasonable expectations. here are a few things that i predict will happen.
  1. i will get sick from drinking way too much the first day we arrive.
  2. louise will hesitantly enter the water after i make fun of her...she will see a fish or a shell or some seaweed, shriek and run out of the water.
  3. i will bring many books with the intention of reading and end up reading a total of 20 pages.
  4. i will learn the hard way that you should not get too close to the wildlife.
  5. louise will get tons of bug bites while i remain blissfully bite-free.
  6. i will describe to louise how upon our return, i plan on picking jessie up and tossing her in the air like a pizza pie.
  7. neither of us will get sunburned...just kidding...louise + domrep sun = curly-haired lobster
  8. our attempts at speaking spanish will be embarassing.
  9. i will see a coconut tree...boast to louise about how i could climb said tree and retrieve a coconut...after giving up quickly, i explain to louise how coconuts are over-rated.
  10. louise will have numerous flip-flop malfunctions.
  11. i will really enjoy interacting with the staff, who seem so friendly...yet in the back of my mind i worry that they secretly hate me.
  12. archery will not be as fun as expected.
  13. the swim-up bar will be more fun than expected.
  14. louise will do her poor jamaican accent.
  15. i will be cautious with my money at the casino.
  16. i will find, purchase and wear a big stupid hat that louise hates.

yeah! drink up stupid american douchebag!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

a revival

it is obvious to me and my 2 readers that i have not blogged in a while and i was not really happy with such an abrupt retirement of this blog. my reasons for not continuing this blog were many, but guess what? i'm bored. thus, i will start this back up and maybe louise might actually visit this blog.

i had actually gone on and attempted to start up other blogs that served a slightly different purpose than this one (although, beyond giving me something to do at work seems to be the driving force for this blog). one was a more personal diary than anything and another was an attempt to write about fantasy football. i still like both and hope that my writing in this dumb blog again does not leave me feeling spread thin.

otherwise, i have not been up to an awful lot. i hung out with eskay last night and he was the one who actually mentioned my blog and made me think to write in it again. i've been trying to get into better shape. i've been playing a lot of gta 4. i messed up my wrist pretty good at the gym and then messed it up again playing basketball. i am suddenly interested in foraging...we'll see if i actually do it. louise and i are going to the dominican republic in less than 2 weeks. jessie still smells.