Thursday, December 10, 2009

she walks forward and over and over and backward

in many ways jawbox really defined my musical experience as a whole during my high school years. sure, i got into grunge and liked hip hop and other stuff, but jawbox was really what i think of when i reminisce about the music i grew up on. i remember going to see them in college park with nick and i instantly connected to it. i was obsessed with the crazy beats and angular guitars with a bass player that we all crushed on. in about 3 years of being kinda of one of those annoying guys who was waay too into a specific band, i think i saw them perform live about 10 times. i have many memories from this era.
  • buying the jawbox chinese fork tie t-shirt i still wear today
  • being the brave one and approaching them to ask if they would come to see mftp play at the can-can
  • being up front and singing along at their shows like a dork, usually at the black cat
  • getting into many heated jawbox vs. fugazi discussions
  • getting a picture of a sweaty kim with me and ben flanking her
  • dan betsey emulating zach's beats
  • hanging out at the jawbox house while gss was recording with j and having kim show me some old video they had that aired on mtv like 2 times
  • being sad when i heard they would break up, but at the same time it kinda felt right
  • everyone in the band being really cool and nice
  • j looking like al bundy
i had read that they were rereleasing for your own special sweetheart and thinking i would have to get it. then i found out they were reuiniting on late night with jimmy fallon, which airs way too late for me, but with the magic of dvr i was able to watch it last night and it really brought a flood of memories and just made me happy. the show only had 1 song, but hulu posted 2 more. these probably won't be on hulu for too long, but for now enjoy. also note that they do not apear to have aged at all except that j has become less al bundy and more malkovich.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

sometimes hating leads to good ideas

[16:31] turbo2oh: i cant stand people at chipotle that always have to ask for more of everything
[16:31] turbo2oh: they usually dont need to be having more of anything
[16:32] kingkevin91: are you making a comment about their weight?
[16:32] turbo2oh: yes
[16:32] kingkevin91: zing!
[16:32] turbo2oh: this woman today asked for more cheese 3 times
[16:32] kingkevin91: haha
[16:32] kingkevin91: wow
[16:32] turbo2oh: and got more sour cream
[16:32] kingkevin91: sounds tasty
[16:32] turbo2oh: on a 'salad' one
[16:32] kingkevin91: well you gotta eat healthy these days
[16:33] turbo2oh: haha true
[16:33] turbo2oh: it just pisses me off cause they dont charge extra for it
[16:33] turbo2oh: and i know it drives up the base cost of everything
[16:33] turbo2oh: so i feel like im paying for it
[16:33] kingkevin91: you are
[16:34] kingkevin91: probably shouldn't fight it
[16:34] kingkevin91: just go with it
[16:34] kingkevin91: get enough extras to make 2 burritos
[16:34] turbo2oh: im a burrito bowl kinda guy
[16:34] kingkevin91: ok
[16:34] kingkevin91: pile it on
[16:34] kingkevin91: then ask for an extra bowl
[16:34] turbo2oh: i want enough sour cream i cant see whats below it
[16:34] kingkevin91: yeah
[16:34] kingkevin91: keep asking for more
[16:35] kingkevin91: like over and over again
[16:35] kingkevin91: maybe like 10 times
[16:35] turbo2oh: then ask if i can just have the container out of the steam table
[16:35] turbo2oh: and the giant spoon
[16:35] kingkevin91: and when they do it that 10th time
[16:35] kingkevin91: be like woah...
[16:35] kingkevin91: little heavy handed there aren't we?
[16:35] turbo2oh: haha
[16:35] turbo2oh: thats too much
[16:35] turbo2oh: maybe ask someone next to me if theyd eat that?
[16:35] kingkevin91: then be like, oh well, just give me another bowl, cause that shit is not gonna fit in one