Wednesday, November 18, 2009

pretty sure i'm due some royalties on that

pay attention to the lyrics at the 1:07 mark
[13:54] Eskay: haha oh shiz
[13:55] Eskay: song aint bad
this album is hot
[13:55] Eskay: aint bad at all like the beat
i forgot how good it is
[13:55] Eskay: did u listen to that dungeon family album yet? wasn't i tellin ya bout that
ah naw

i did get the bossman mixtape though
[13:56] Eskay: haha oh yea! see there ya go
[13:56] Eskay: whatcha think?
[13:56] Eskay:
is that dre?

[13:58] Eskay: yea
yeah, it's pretty good
[13:58] Eskay: they are basically the most famous of the dungeon family.
i'll download it
[13:58] Eskay: where u download this itunes?

sometimes amazon
[13:59] sometimes emusic
[13:59] and sometimes through other means
[13:59] Eskay: mhmm
what about you?
[14:01] Eskay: hm tough to say
[14:01] Eskay: i just i get it from round the way
[14:02] Eskay: mostly from cds
your cds?
[14:02] Eskay: well when i get the music yes
as in your property?
[14:03] Eskay: at said time

time to get back on track

i think it was around my birthday when i was actually starting to make some strength gains and lose some fat. this momentum was short-lived and i have since lost some visible muscle and gained back a bunch of body fat. i'm sure most people don't really notice and just look at me regardless and think, that guy is short and stocky, both back in early september and currently. but when i look in the mirror, i notice.

while i can only truly blame myself, there have been some external factors that have caused some admittedly avoidable roadblocks, but roadblocks nonetheless. i went on a trip where i ate a ton of bad food. i also joined a kickball league, which meant tons of drinking and eating out in the middle of the week. on top of that, i managed to severely injure my ankle, as i have done about 4 other times in my life, during the final kickball game. being an idiot, i kept on playing and as a result, could not put any pressure on it for the next 2 days, hopping around like lisa turtle during the dance competition.

this ankle injury has left me with another sad realization, in that 2 weeks later it is still not even close to being 100%. when i injured it in high school i was running around without issue 2 days later. this was definitely a good marker for aging and could be a seemingly insignificant moment i wistfully look back on 20 years from now as when i truly realized i was no longer a kid. i am already imagining this being one of those injuries oldies bitch about hurting just cause the weather changed...ugh.

anyways, the swelling has gone down and is still there, but much better. my range of motion is slooooooowly returning. i can walk without any sort of limp, but can't really even jog on it without a few sharp pains. overall, i would put the ankle at about 70%.

i am anxious to begin reversing the doughification that has been going on with my body the last 10 weeks and while i certainly need to get my diet back on track, getting back to the gym will help keep me motivated and just feeling better as a whole. so i am thinking tonight is the night. i should be fine with most exercises and will generally ease my way back into the swing of things, hoping to do about 70% of what i had been doing prior. i am most concered with squats and power cleans. i hope my ankle and foot are stable enough. i hope i don't reinjure it. i hope i don't get sloppy, turn it a weird way, get a sharp pain and collapse under the bar. i just have to put my ego aside and be cautious in my return to the gym.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

jellyfish are the key to a women's heart

ok, i'm straight bloggin! not once, twice, or even thrice, but whatever the version of 4 is, posts in one day.that's definitely a record and i must be extra slackin at work. anyways this final post of the day discusses an ongoing debate/joke i have been having with an unamed friend. a while back he was discussing purchasing a new hd tv for his bedroom. he already has a tv, but he seemed to "need" high definition and that it would really "bring his room together" and "be enticing for the ladies". i of course arbitrarily decided i was against this idea and decided i would find some other purchase that would be a better use of his money.
after some internet searching i discovered a pretty sweet looking neon jellyfish tank. since i am an expert in all things female, i explained to said friend how telling a girl in a house party type atmosphere "hey, i have a sweet looking neon jellyfish tank up in my room. wanna check it out?" is a lot more interesting and unique than saying "i got a big, flat tv in my room. want to watch it?"
what do you think? am i right or am i right? if you are a girl and are reading this, you are not single, but remember back to those good ol' days....which approach would work best?

roommate updates

nickie moved out this weekend and is off to live in the firehouse where she will not have to pay rent. i rarely saw her, but we always got along well. although, on the day she was moving out, i was outside when she was loading up a truck when she exclaimed an amazing comment, "holy shit your hair is long!" i'm pretty sure there's not a better indicator for how infrequently we saw each other than that statement. anyways, i wish her well and i'm sure i'll see her at mcginty's or whenever dave forgets to turn the stove off.

and so with the leaving of nickie, comes the move in of jill, which has already gotten off to a humorous start. first of all she wanted to move in before nickie was moved out. then she had tried to plan out moving things from her casa rivetti as well as some other house that she was buying furniture from. it somehow involved 3 cars, various unnecessary trips, people switching vehicles and just a whole lot of nonsense that made it seem like we were pulling off the thomas crown affair. she had also come up with various floorplans for her room which i found amusingly unnecessary.

anyways, with jill i am expecting various things:
  • we'll see her way more than nickie
  • cleaner house
  • family dinners
  • movie making
  • her and brodie fighting
  • choreographed dances
  • i will be judged for watching too much tv/playin too many videogames
  • rivetti cheapness
  • all of the nasty sweet liquors will finally get drank
  • house band!

we never thought we'd find a place where we'd belong

dave will be finishing up school in about 1 month and with it, get his degree as well as enter the highly competitive job market. while discussing possible careers we happened upon an idea that would use his linguist skills. he might have to pitch this idea to some sort of government agency, but i think it would be warmly received.

the premise would be that dave would go undercover in laurel high school and pose as the newly transferred "bad boy". from there he would infiltrate the school's underbelly and begin associating with the powerful gangs. he would use his charm to gain their trust and really study and analyze the current slang used in the various drug trafficking, gang wars, robberies, etc. he would compile his data and report back to the various law enforcement agencies or whoever he would narc to.

i suppose television has taught us that there is also the likelihood that dave gets in too deep, gets caught up in the lifestyle. like the moment they want to make sure he's for real and have him smoke crack, pound on some nerd or mug an old lady, he gets a taste of the criminal life and finds that he likes it. who knows? what do you think of this idea?

another video that made me smile

even though i just shared this with some people online and it appears to be over 2 years old, this video made me happy. also check out the million dollar baby one.

Friday, November 13, 2009

i have many women in my life

i enjoyed posting my blog with my random instant message encounter. mainly cause i didn't have to really work on it, just cut and paste.

update: gullytodeworld and i did not become friends as i secretly had hoped.

anyways, i think this will be a new, regular blog post i will put together from time to time when i have ridiculous or funny or infuriating instant message conversations with either my friends or the occasional random person. i hope to include various convos with the people i talk to on the daily, so everyone should bring the funny or controversial. these will generally be unedited (unless it paints me in a particularly bad light).

today i was chatting with phil and we talked about the office. he sent me a link to the newish music video:

go ahead and watch it, it's amusing.

anyways, this led to discussing the girl who plays the new receptionist on the show and is in the video. new crush? i wasn't sure, but eventually concluded with a resounding boobs. i also saw this pic:

he then sent me an article she wrote in what became an ellie kemper barrage. anyways here was a portion of our conversation:

[12:58] kingkevin91: interesting
[12:58] turbo2oh: made me laugh
[12:58] kingkevin91: it was good
[12:58] kingkevin91: but didn't make me laugh
[12:59] kingkevin91: maybe if she read some of my blogs...she might get a better hang on comedic writing
[13:00] turbo2oh: apparently she wrote for the onion some as well
[13:01] kingkevin91: ok
[13:01] kingkevin91: well i will send her a message on myspace and see if she wants to go out sometime
[13:30] turbo2oh: cool
[13:30] turbo2oh: maybe a double date?
[13:30] kingkevin91: she said next friday the 13th
[13:31] kingkevin91: it's on
[13:31] turbo2oh: wow she accepted fast
[13:31] kingkevin91: yeah, she's prompt like that
[13:31] kingkevin91: i should know
[13:31] kingkevin91: since she's my new gf
[13:31] turbo2oh: wow
[13:31] turbo2oh: is she pregnant?
[13:31] kingkevin91: she just gave birth to our triplets
[13:32] turbo2oh: thats a lot of responsibility
[13:33] kingkevin91: yeah....
[13:33] kingkevin91: you're right
[13:33] kingkevin91: i might try to make a break for it
[13:33] turbo2oh: find a cheap copy of halo wars yet?
[13:33] turbo2oh: i havent played it awhile
[13:34] kingkevin91: let's quit beating around the bush
[13:34] kingkevin91: just buy me a copy already

a couple things to note....not our best effort, but this is what i had to work with today. also, it does a good job of illustrating my getting a little carried away with celebrity crushes, which i am confident everyone considers to be a charming aspect of my personality. finally, that last part about halo wars seems out of context and it was but i thought it also showed my willingness to be a team player.

i also want to add my other new crush, also on nbc thursday nights, aubrey plaza.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

...but i've seen everything

as my readers probably know, i am a pretty big star trek fan and my previous attempt at fan fiction should prove that. ok, so maybe not enough of a fan to know most of the characters or ever watch the show or movies, but that's not the point. i did not see this newest star trek offering that had all the nerds going nuts like paul wall does with the internet. everyone seemed to think it was a good movie, so i do honestly want to see it.

the problem is, i clearly am not gonna buy this movie. i would normally try to netflix it, but i know the waiting list for this dvd will probably be ridiculous. this leaves me with some options to decide on. one of my nerd friends will buy it and either a) bring it to my house and let me borrow it, so i can watch it at my leisure, b) bring it over and if it is convenient for me, we can watch it together on my tv, or c) if someone does something dumb, like buy it on blu-ray (chris), then i guess i can come over to watch it at their house, but i will not let them know when. i will just show up and throw a huge temper tantrum if either a) they are not home, or b) they don't feel like watching it then or c) are home but busy. if either b or c is the case, then they can always just let me borrow their blu-ray player which i will then take home, watch the star trek movie and either a) pretend like i never borrowed it, b) sell it on craig's list, or c) this was really dumb, but everyone is home for veteran's day.