Monday, October 4, 2010

my new plan

a lot of time has passed between my last post (#199) and this one i am currently scribing (#200!), and those last few were far and few between. i guess this has been an eventful spring/summer/fall in a couple of ways. i am now attempting to get back on track and provide the 3 of you the trashcans in the street that you forgot you loved.

one thing i kept meaning to write about was my decision to completely remove myself from fantasy football. but you were so awesome at it kevin! i know, i know. no really, people called you a fantasy football genius! well maybe that's stretching things a bit. seriously, if people were having a fantasy draft, but were drafting fantasy owners amongst the pool of millions of owners, you would be a lock for top 3 and nobody would argue if someone chose you first. well...thanks. it is good to know my abilities were so highly regarded. well anyways, i am not playing at all this year. i may come back to it next year or sometime down the road, but for now i am out and not missing it at all.

i thought i might regret this decision. phil came up with ways to keep me in the league which were tempting, but i still declined once i knew the league had enough people. just this morning eskay was complaining about having a high scoring team, but continually losing to the top scoring team that week. i recall this specific frustration/anger so clearly now and it only helps justify my decision. the bottom line is, fantasy football is based way too much on randomness and luck for me to really enjoy anymore. this is why i prefer fantasy basketball and am curious to see how fantasy hockey with dave goes. unfortunately none of my friends feel this way and after giving it a try a few years ago, none of them would ever play again. so i am forced to try my luck with strangers where no money is involved and the dropout rates are high. last year went pretty well, but i don't think that league is being carried over into this season.

my interest in just regular football has been equally nonexistent. i've watched a few highlights on espn and maybe a few minutes just flipping through the channels on sunday, but had not sat down and watched a game until yesterday and that was just because my dad was. while watching, i saw that the ravens pulled out a last minute victory. it left me with a let down feeling. i never cared about the ravens before, nor do i care at all about the steelers. i was confused by this, but decided to chase the feeling. i realized a way for me to regain interest in football. i will take up the role of the hater.

like a villain slowly discovering his role in his comic world, i too began to realize my fate as the hater. if you are a fan of a football team, you can guess how i will feel about them. i am curious to see if this sustainable throughout the season. this experiment may be over by this time next week or could be the start of something interesting. i don't really care. i leave this post with the following questions that may answer themselves as the season progresses:
  • what happens when 2 teams i am currently hating on face each other?
  • will there be levels of hate or is it clear cut hate/don't hate?
  • did this grow out of my love for hating or do i just want to ruin other peoples' fun?
  • at what point do i feel sorry for chris and his broncos and no longer have the ability to hate on them? are the broncos any good? i just assume they are bad.
  • what is the timeline for when i transition to finding this funny to just feeling like a jerk?