Tuesday, January 25, 2011

apple of my ipad

what's up my dudes? yeah, yeah, been a while. i had written out an extensive love letter to all of my wonderful apple products, but the problem was, it sucked more than my usual posts. so because they just unveiled the awesome new ipad 2 and phil has been pressuring me, here is my very shorthand summation of my apple fanboyness.

i was always a pc guy, but about 5 years ago i purchased an ipod video. then i followed this up with ipod touch, then a macbook, then an ipod 4g and then finally an ipad. it's pretty safe to say that i am all appled up. i am applified. my computer is mactastic. i could go on...

my music is quite touchable. ok that's enough.

my phone runs on android and it kind of sucks. it's cheap and saves me money, but it's inferiority to apple ios is glaring.

i know there are a lot of haters out there and many have voiced their opinions to me, but hey, there's an app for that. also they just announced the garageband app...i think i will have to app that.

so there you go phil, you jerk. i finally finished the entry that i initially wrote 2 months ago. are you appy? i am, so now i can finally move on and maybe post a new stupid blog post.