Thursday, February 18, 2010

feel free to hate....i would have in the past

well facebook has predictably taken away from my blog writing as it makes sense to post things that take 15 seconds to write and have it immediately go to 100 people, as opposed to spending up to an hour writing nonsense that maybe 4 people see. so while i am obviously not blogging very frequently, i hope to keep coming back and posting...say once or twice a month. we'll see...

so of late, we have had like 4 and a half feet of snow. dave, brodie and i did the polar bear plunge. we had a snow-interrupted jersey shore party with lots of fist pumping. jill and i have been learning the thriller dance. brodie and i (mostly brodie) are valiantly trying to redo the tiling in our bathroom. i am trying to decide if i should go to vegas with phil. the wizards blew up their team, which i think had to happen. butler and jamison were amazing and i know they are way better off on contending teams...although i don't think i can route for the cavs while lebron is there.

anyways, what i really wanted to note was my recent interest in radio pop music. dave and i have been bombarded by this stuff at the gym and i now find myself liking a lot of it. it's probably just another phase. i usually go back and forth with indie rock to hip hop and back with some electronic and folk mixed in. but now i am diggin stuff that i would have quickly mocked and hated on in the past. my question is, i wonder could this be some sort of reaction to getting older and is really a poorly masked and pathetic attempt to cling to any remaining shreds of youth? or if it's some sort of byproduct of my general arrested development finally manifesting into something noticeable by me. or maybe these songs are catchy as shit.