Friday, February 1, 2008

maybe i need to start web 3.0....

i was listening to my favorite podcast, the cagcast, on my drive to work this morning. they are redoing their website to make a cheap ass gamer 2.0 which i guess is to fall in line with all the web 2.0 terminology...i dunno...maybe it's just cause it is the 2nd iteration of the website. whatever. well the old site does look outdated and something more along the lines of what i might see while still in college.

they were discussing some of the changes and they, like all new web 2.0 stuff seems focused on social networking. honestly, i just don't get it. i have a myspace account, which i rarely use, and never talk to people that i don't already know in the actual, physical world. even then, i don't really send messages via myspace. it's more like i log on and find a bunch of stupid surveys and lists about what people ate today that never fails to make them seem annoying to me. maybe if i was in a band or something it would feel more worth the time and effort. there's tons of other similar social networking services out there and now it seem like every other website is including this aspect to their functionality.

again...i don't really get it. could this be due to the fact that i am just not very naughty social by nature? i don't put forth the effort to meet and communicate with strangers over the internets and therefore i don't realize it's value? that's probably part of the issue, but this also leads me to more upsetting realizations...

i am getting old. this stuff is more for teenagers, and i am pretty much out of the loop. am i becoming that 90 year old guy that doesn't understand what the big deal is with this e-mail stuff? is this the beginning of the end? i am already way back at the tail end of blogging. does my refusal to shift along with everyone else towards social networking mean that i will never again be part of the relevant demographic? it sure feels like it.

i would rather not go down like that. i guess the cheap ass gamer site could be cool, and will probably serve as a final test for whether or not i can finally jump on the soc-net bandwagon. i plan to make a go at it and converse with other nerds who don't realize that i am quite the noob. hopefully i don't get pwned. lmfao! i sounded pretty young and "with-it" right there...right? but yeah, we'll see how it goes.

in conclusion, here is a picture that amused me:


spanky said...

kevin, you're so good at blogging.

david said...

looks like someone else has been slacking on his bloggery. check out my latest entry, kevywevy.

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