Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ultimate fighting kevin

the new ufc game, ufc undisputed is coming out in a little over a month and i am super excited about it. this game has been in the works for probably 2 years now and i have been waiting patiently since i first heard about it. from all accounts, it is gonna be an incredible game with as good of an adaptation of real life mma as you could hope for. i know all of the major ufc fighters and cannot wait to play as a lot of them and beat up the ones i personally dislike. there is also a create-your-own fighter option that will probably be ridiculous.

as excited as i am...(and did i mention i was excited?) i have a slight concern regarding this game. what if i am really good at it? you're probably thinking to yourself "but kevin, you're not good at any videogame..." i know this, but somehow i could see myself excelling at virtual mma due to my decent knowledge of the sport, as well as my affinity for button mashing.

ok, so i could be good at this game...who cares? i do, so shut up. let me explain the problem with a little background information. i am not a violent person. i have never been in a real fight with intent to injure. i have never punched anyone in the face. i have broken a few bones in accidents, but again, those were not in fights. with this in mind, i realize that i am bigger and stronger than the average person and that if it came to it, i think i could fare not horribly in a fight. i am obviously not nam, but i think in your average brawl, i could get in a few cheap shots before i scuttle away. at the same time, i have never been in a fight, and don't really know how to fight.

being really good at this game could potentially warp my brain and stroke my ego into thinking that this somehow meant it could translate into actual fighting. i would start thinking, "i am kind of a strong guy...i know what the term ground and pound means...i am real good at this game. i bet i could kick some ass." this would leave me open to being drunk at some point and acting like a tough guy, only to have to go to the hospital to have a cast made for my face. or, in a better outcome, have nam (aka jerry chu) roll his eyes before coming in to save me ala beverly hills ninja. i know it sounds like quite a stretch, but i have been known to be delusional in the past.

i can see imaging something like this

i guess we'll see. hopefully i will just be decent at the game and continue my streak of not fighting people. either way...i am real excited! anyone else getting this game?


Phil said...

haha photoshop skillz FTW! I will encourage this aggressive behavior primarily in bars.

kevin said...

i believe that you just agreed to get my back. this is legally binding.

neumunki said...

i encourage your further use of photoshop as that photo is killin me nonstop.

Brodie said...
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Brodie said...

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