Wednesday, December 9, 2009

sometimes hating leads to good ideas

[16:31] turbo2oh: i cant stand people at chipotle that always have to ask for more of everything
[16:31] turbo2oh: they usually dont need to be having more of anything
[16:32] kingkevin91: are you making a comment about their weight?
[16:32] turbo2oh: yes
[16:32] kingkevin91: zing!
[16:32] turbo2oh: this woman today asked for more cheese 3 times
[16:32] kingkevin91: haha
[16:32] kingkevin91: wow
[16:32] turbo2oh: and got more sour cream
[16:32] kingkevin91: sounds tasty
[16:32] turbo2oh: on a 'salad' one
[16:32] kingkevin91: well you gotta eat healthy these days
[16:33] turbo2oh: haha true
[16:33] turbo2oh: it just pisses me off cause they dont charge extra for it
[16:33] turbo2oh: and i know it drives up the base cost of everything
[16:33] turbo2oh: so i feel like im paying for it
[16:33] kingkevin91: you are
[16:34] kingkevin91: probably shouldn't fight it
[16:34] kingkevin91: just go with it
[16:34] kingkevin91: get enough extras to make 2 burritos
[16:34] turbo2oh: im a burrito bowl kinda guy
[16:34] kingkevin91: ok
[16:34] kingkevin91: pile it on
[16:34] kingkevin91: then ask for an extra bowl
[16:34] turbo2oh: i want enough sour cream i cant see whats below it
[16:34] kingkevin91: yeah
[16:34] kingkevin91: keep asking for more
[16:35] kingkevin91: like over and over again
[16:35] kingkevin91: maybe like 10 times
[16:35] turbo2oh: then ask if i can just have the container out of the steam table
[16:35] turbo2oh: and the giant spoon
[16:35] kingkevin91: and when they do it that 10th time
[16:35] kingkevin91: be like woah...
[16:35] kingkevin91: little heavy handed there aren't we?
[16:35] turbo2oh: haha
[16:35] turbo2oh: thats too much
[16:35] turbo2oh: maybe ask someone next to me if theyd eat that?
[16:35] kingkevin91: then be like, oh well, just give me another bowl, cause that shit is not gonna fit in one

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