Wednesday, April 21, 2010

look at all the beautiful babies

the blog slacking continues, but at least i have been contributing some to my more project-based blog with josie. facebook continues to be a major time suck and i just don't see it fading anytime soon. various things have been going on in my life recently. i have certainly been more socially active, dating, meeting new people, going out a lot more frequently, etc. it's all been a nice change from the norm. with that in mind, i am quickly approaching what will surely be a life-defining trip to las vegas. i will be flying in with vegas veteran eskay and well will be meeting up with phil, erin, her sis and a bunch of their crew. we will be starting things off with the very un-kevin bottle service at some club on the strip. from there, i have no idea what to expect, but here are a few predictions:
  • eskay will be forcefully removed from either a bar, club, casino or buffet
  • i will lose a medium amount of money
  • i will spend way too much on food and drinks
  • cirque will not disappoint
  • it will be too cold for the pool, but it won't stop me
  • i will attempt to learn craps by watching phil play. he will win a bunch of money quickly, then i will play and mess up everyone's luck. i will then be booed off the table
  • i will make it to the gym once
  • my love for drinking from an open container will initially be sky high but quickly lose it's luster
  • erin will put up with me and eskay in a very classy way
  • phil will give me many looks ranging from "shut up" to "you need to stop drinking now"
  • eskay's wild rollercoaster ride in gambling will be too much for me to handle
  • it will be awesome to see kim least 5 years, probably longer
  • the sports book will be the best way for me to lose money
  • i will do a shot with the midget at o'shea's
  • i will start taking a lot of pictures but then become self conscious about looking too touristy
  • i will miss jessie
  • someone will make a comment about how they haven't had any vegetables for a few days
  • apparently nobody on this trip has seen swingers so all of my movie quotes will go unappreciated
i think that about sums it up. i have had many people tell me to go see specific things, but there's only so much you can see in 3.5 days. i am really looking forward to this and have not been on a trip in quite a while. hopefully i return un-pierced, un-tattooed, un-married, un-injured and still have a place to live.


turbo2oh said...

haha i did appreciate the clip

Dan said...

most casinos don't allow photos.

Steven said...

I feel like I've lived that clip before... but you gotta double down on 11.