Thursday, March 3, 2011

kevin where are you getting those colors? are you buying them?

after a solid 15 months or so of being my main pair of shoes, my black and yellow pumas are starting to get worn down. i probably shouldn't be spending the money since i have made some big purchases the last year, but it won't stop me from at least looking for some new kicks.

i signed up for zappos free mvp membership which i think means i get shoes overnighted gratis. have you been to that site? there are way too many to choose from. i think before i would just be like, give me the navy blue ones. no, not the nikes...the other pair. boom. done. walking through laurel mall in style. now when i look on zappos website my brain hurts...not just from the plethora of choices, but also all of the awesome colors shoes now apparently come in.

i think i could pull these off. i would probably be dominating the court in them too.

$177 well spent.

i would probably be able to run real fast in these. flash style.

for when i was feeling patriotic.

what do you think. any winners up there? any suggestions? basically i want sneakers/tennis shoes/athletic shoes...whatever you call them. also, they need to be fly.


Dan said...

i've been meaning to get this book.

i often have the same problem. it usually occurs at the grocery store. there are like 400 different toothbrushes in the toothbrush aisle. how is anybody supposed to pick one?

Laura said...

I love Zappos! So many choices. You can return shoes with free shipping easily also.