Tuesday, May 10, 2011

bullets forever

i am writing this last minute as the wizards are planning on unveiling their new color scheme (i believe bullets rwb, but we'll see). Either way, this is a good first step towards returning to the name back to the bullets away from the awful wizards.

i have been so engrossed with nba playoffs this season as it seems like just about anything can happen. it's great and i am soaking it in. lakers got swept! again, i am maintaining my main focus on routing against the heat, though they are looking incredibly strong and it is so annoying.

chris was hyping up the grizzlies before their series with the thunder. i thought that they just took advantage of a good matchup against the old spurs, but they look real legit. i am also routing for dirk nowitzki and crazy mavs owner mark cuban. dirk looks like louis which makes me happy. whatever happens, somebody just please beat the stupid heat.

i have also picked up my nba 2k11 game after a long layoff and have been enjoying that. i am playing as the wiz. john wall is blowin up. i got rid of rashard lewis in a shrewd trade involving the final season in michael redd's contract and just generally cleaned house. that game is so much fun, though much more challenging than previous versions. it looks great on my tv. now i just need to figure out who to draft and cut john wall's turnovers to under 10 a game.

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