Tuesday, December 6, 2011

la di da

oh hai there internet. it's been a while. i wrote not too long ago about my lack of blogging, but it was dumb. it served the purpose of getting me to write while itself, forever sitting on my virtual shelf, never to be published. maybe in the future i will grab some especially nonsensical sentences from it and try to pass them off as some sort of poetic, short form blogging. but really, i will just be glad that it got me back on the blog while forever feeling shame anytime i think of it's stupid face.

tonight josie and i are attending some fancy gala/event for urbanite magazine. i say "fancy" because when josie looked up last year's event they showed a picture of a guy wearing a blazer. therefore, i will now be wearing some sort of non t-shirt outfit. i know this sounds like complaining, but as long as we don't end up at some eyes wide shut style gathering, we should be good. we get to get out of the house and go to some high-brow event that will have some food and drinks (i hope?). we get to do something different and josie gets to dress up. also, it's free, which is the type of activity i am appreciating more and more.

one thing though that i am not feeling great about is the fact that when i bought my suit a few years ago, i made the unfortunate decision to get pants that were pleated. i don't actually remember making that decision and i find it hard to believe that if given the option i would not go for normal...and yet here i am...a man with annoying pleated pants. i bet those jerks at the men's warehouse had some crazy surplus of p.p.'s and decided to unload them on unsuspecting, ignorant customers like myself. hopefully i can just get some replacement pants that are of the unpleated variety that also match my suit.

with that whining over with, i am officially getting hyped about tonight, what should i expect?

fancy people

fancy hor devours

mingling and dancing

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