Wednesday, November 18, 2009

pretty sure i'm due some royalties on that

pay attention to the lyrics at the 1:07 mark
[13:54] Eskay: haha oh shiz
[13:55] Eskay: song aint bad
this album is hot
[13:55] Eskay: aint bad at all like the beat
i forgot how good it is
[13:55] Eskay: did u listen to that dungeon family album yet? wasn't i tellin ya bout that
ah naw

i did get the bossman mixtape though
[13:56] Eskay: haha oh yea! see there ya go
[13:56] Eskay: whatcha think?
[13:56] Eskay:
is that dre?

[13:58] Eskay: yea
yeah, it's pretty good
[13:58] Eskay: they are basically the most famous of the dungeon family.
i'll download it
[13:58] Eskay: where u download this itunes?

sometimes amazon
[13:59] sometimes emusic
[13:59] and sometimes through other means
[13:59] Eskay: mhmm
what about you?
[14:01] Eskay: hm tough to say
[14:01] Eskay: i just i get it from round the way
[14:02] Eskay: mostly from cds
your cds?
[14:02] Eskay: well when i get the music yes
as in your property?
[14:03] Eskay: at said time


Steven said...

Who is this Eskay guy and why is it tagged under shady?

kevin said...

he's just the dude i know and his behavior seemed a little shady.