Wednesday, November 19, 2008

i could be a genius and my squatting form might be wrong

there have been some recent developments from my last 2 posts.

isn't it funny how after i post about the awesome potential of javale mcgee, every other sports blogger and their cousin hype him up post trashcans in the street.?

there were tons more around the same time, but these were the first ones i could retrieve. now granted, i am a local fan, thus giving me more access to wizards games than most other people. to give you an idea of what kind of basketball nerd i have become, i joined some live chat on rotoworld last week and kept trying to ask questions about lemonhead. of course the "expert" did not use any of my questions, partially due to my vaguely threatening working and partially because this guy probably had no idea who the big secret was. the point to be taken home about this is that i saw this guy blowing up before a lot of other people and i want to boast about it.
  • does all of this kind of make me a scouting genius? probably.
  • does an nba team need to hire me as their new gm? most likely. i couldn't eff things up worse than isiah.
  • am i the man? you KNOW!

duhhh...i could be the worst gm ever...

in other news related to my recent blog posts, i have been unable to purchase any stocks. for the most part this has been a good thing as many of the stocks i have been eyeing have gone down in value a little. i would ideally like to purchasr these stocks at their lowest value and catch them on the upswing, thus becoming what is known as a "knife catcher". i had to dig around a little as i was sure i would have been able to invest by now, but i finally discovered an exact date of when my account unfreezes, 11/21/08 aka the day kevin loses all of his money.

i have also been pretty good about not spending too much money this past week. most days are zero dollar days. this weekend i spent more that i would have liked. on saturday i crashed some kickball league party with bub and jill ($20 cover, open bar). it was a lot of fun, and i'm telling you, if you are a single guy, this is where you need to be. it was a very easygoing party atmosphere and i was chatting up strangers which i never do. i also spent money on groceries, which i refuse to feel bad about as long as i do my best to only buy the essentials. i bought 2 new sweaters which will be logging heavy minutes in my wardrobe rotation. at this point, pre-first wash, they are not tight at all, so dan won't be able to make fun of me. i also bought my mom lunch, which i also do not feel bad about.

finally some other stray thoughts or mundane occurances of the last few days:
  • dave wants to have a black friday party. i guess it's been a few months since we have had a kegger, but the coldness means less time outside which makes kind of a tight fit for our living room. what do you think should we party?
  • bub is hosting a potluck thanksgiving party. i am definitely going, but not sure what i will bring. i am tempted to go the easy route and bring alcohol. at the same time, i kind of want cooking to be a new hobby and challenege myself a little. maybe i will make a veggie meatloaf.
  • yesterday i got into a conversation with a trainer at my gym about squatting. he was wondering why i was squatting below parallel. all of the stuff i have read online says to get down low, but he seemed to think that once you get that low you lose all power and will blow out your knees. i had read that the only way to really work the glutes on squats was to get down low. i dunno. he is certainly more qualified than i am, but maybe not more than the trainers online. he is also a competitive powerlifter. i haven't had any knee issues, but then again i was squatting half of what he was doing. anyone have any ideas?

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