Friday, November 21, 2008

you gotta pay the troll toll if you wanna get into this boy's soul

last night was the conclusion of the 4th season of what might be my favorite television show of all time. it's always sunny in philadelphia has been a shinning beacon in a world of mediocre to awful television programing. i love this show so much i don't know where to begin. it's concept is simple: 4 self-centered friends and the dad of 2 of those friends all own a bar in philadelphia and hijinks ensue.

i was gonna go through all of the characters and break stuff down, but i assume most people are familiar with this show and i will instead focus on my favorite dynamic of this show and why i think it works:

the combination of dee and charlie (my favorite character) is dynamite. dee is arguably the most normal and least self-centered member of the group, while also serving up laughs for being pathetic with her hopeless dreams of making it as an actress. she always seems to start off as the dissenting voice of reason before she is quickly sucked into the mindset of the rest of the gang. charlie is the wildcard of the group and is constantly angry and screaming. he is extremely excitable, has an unrequited love for a waitress that he stalks and is illiterate but refuses to admit it. together they have excellent chemistry and are my favorite combination on the show. here are some of my favorite clips of their interactions from this season.

dee wants charlie to walk in her shoes and experience her efforts to perform standup comedy:

charlie also wants dee to experience what being charlie is all about:

dee and charlie realize they may have developed an unfortunate hunger:

while trying to create viral videos, charlie comes across dee's secret video diaries:

charlie explains to dee what makes an internet video popular (i think i got it. i think i got it.):

are these two headed for emmy territory? don't get me wrong...i love all of the characters, but these 2 are my favorites and their powers increase exponentially when combined. anyways, their 4th season ended last night and they went out with a bang. charlie wrote a musical about dayman as a ploy to ask his stalkee to marry him. the songs were brilliant as were the conflicts:

so who else loves this show? do you agree with my contention that the biggest strength of the show is the charlie/dee combo?


Tobin said...

I love this show more than a fat kid loves candy. The dynamic that you mention is awesome, but I also love how they completely discount anytime one of them makes any sort of logical suggestion, and the fact that they never learn anything at all. I love how Mac thinks he's religious but gets everything completely wrong, and the recurring joke of him never using condoms. Plus, Charlie's drug and cat food habits. God that show is genius.

kevin said... food + huffing glue + quickly drank beer = sleep

Anonymous said...

i could not agree more about charlie/dee combo. those two make the best episodes ever. especially in season 3 when they were addicted to crack together.

kevin said...

i think the crack episode was dennis and dee, when they realized that they could not get a doctor to sign off on her being mentally retarded. one of the earlier charlie/dee combos i liked was when they were both taking steroids.

Anonymous said...

there were two drug episodes. the first one was the welfare one in season 2. the second one was in season 3 when they start selling drugs to pay off the mafia. they were both hilarious but the charlie/dee one was the best.

Anonymous said...

oh and the steroids episode. so 3 drug episodes. 2 of which were dee/charlie.

kevin said...

i don't think i've seen the one where they sell crack to pay the mafia. do you know what the episode is titled?

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