Thursday, November 20, 2008

some changes and a flashback

those of you who have gotten used to and quite comfortable with my old blogger template sure are in for a rude awakening today. you might also note that this will be 2 blogging days in a row which has not happened for a while due to actually having to do *some* work recently. well now i am not so busy and with that free time came a complete makeover to the look and feel of t.i.t.s. sort of like picking at a loose thread from your sweater, this change evolved from sort of random, bored poking around. once the ball got rolling everything was changing until i was left with a pile of yarn and no sweater.

so let's see...i have added an image to my banner, which i think looks nice. i have changed the layout, fonts, colors and now i will no longer be restricted to the narrow columns that my old template held me to. i have added a place for weekly polls (vote now before it's too late!). my blogroll now lists blogs i like as well as their most recent posting. this had been in jess' blog for a while and i am just now catching up. i don't think it's any less readable now. really it's just an attempt to change things up as the old look had gotten stale. if i were more proficient at css, you could expect some more assy touches, but alas, i was too afraid to mess with what blogger gave me and this is the result. deal with it.

as i was making these changes, i looked at various different styles and it reminded me of a simpler time. allow me to indulge. back when i was in college, i had nam show me how to make my own website in the wam labs. he showed me some basic html coding and i just ran with it. the result was quite possibly the biggest eyesore of a website ever created. while this was not my original intention, as soon as i made the background color a yellow so bright that it is actually listed as the cherokee word that means "eyes hurt", subconciously i knew where this was going and what had to be done. at the top of the screen under the giganticly fonted title of the "so great page" was a row and a half (depending on your screen resolution) of saluting sock monkeys via the obnoxious technology of the animated gif. this was of course followed by some sort of boastful introduction explaing in some detail how great i am. below this was possibly an out of place horizontal bar seperating the introduction from the next level of even more random animated gifs that helped make the page one of the slowest loading pages back in the modem days. there were also various midi files that had nothing to do with anything else placed throught the page. basically if i saw it used on another website or learned of something new that i could add, i would do it just to further add to the site's awesomenes.

this picture is a pretty good visual representation of my website

amongst a sea of poorly aligned pictures of lori loughlin and kelly kapowski were various links to "articles" that i wrote. this was the punk rock to my current easy listening attitude and writing. they were raw, extremely assy, poorly written and would have totally kicked this blogs ass. there were completely random writings like when i decided to become a spree farmer. i would write restaurant reviews of the places i ate. after visiting establishments like taco bell and burger king, these writeups would be so detailed and embelished with nonsense that would make you wonder what my deal was. i would recall various situations i would get myself into with my various crushes. these included:
  • my constant bickering with ubernerd tammy
  • my suspicions that the blonde sorority girl was flirting with me cause she mistakenly thought i was smart since i was asian
  • my stalking of sol
  • how i though one attractive lass would make a good clown (she had the right bone structure if that makes sense)
  • lena the greek warrior princess

the fall bounty of 1997

sadly i could go on and on as i seem to remember these more vividly than i think i should. i will chalk it up to my smart brain and the fact that i wrote stories about these situations, as doing something creative will help you recall details...or so i will hypothesize.

also sadly, i do not know of any place where these stories are saved. they would be fun for me to revisit and if i ever do find them on some random 3.5 floppy or saved in some hidden folder in my yahoo account, i will post any worthwhile ones here. a few of my friends might have vague memories of my abomination of a website and the assy tales that lay within.

anyways, what do you think of the new layout and look? if anyone remembers the so great page, please explain to me how awesome you thought it was.

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