Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a new world of opportunities i have known about craig's list for many years. i have witnessed dave use the site to turn stuff he doesn't want into money. through all of that, i have never really looked through the site until i attempted to sell my chuck norris approved total gym. my initial asking price was $150, which led to 3 interested people who never got back to me after i e-mailed them with pics. i have since dropped the price to $120, then $100 and now $80. not one bite.

eh? you know you want it.

while i am at my wit's end trying to sell this thing and am about to just give it away...i have spent some time going through craig's list and i now realize i have been missing out on a lot. there are countless groups i can join. tons of other people's garbage i can buy. various activities i can partake in. i had just spent the last 2 hours or so being totally sucked into the world of craig's list and been messaging phil with many of the gems i have discovered. some of these include:
  • taking an intermediate hip hop class for $17 - taught by a guy whose nickname is "brent"
  • join an a capella group
  • get involved in a d&d group that is just starting things up after a lengthy hiatus
  • join a 420 club where they "trade 420 for cash"
  • adopt a pure bred baby cappuccino monkey
  • host a pleasure party
  • assist in taking some boudoir photography
  • get a "killer hand/foot massage" in dupont
  • join a jamaican 420 club
  • give someone one of my kidneys
obviously at least half of these items are silly to me, but i assume serious for the posters. there were various other postings for activities and items for sale that i would actually be interested in, but they are not very amusing. going through the endless lists elicited different reactions from me. some of the posts seemed so ridiculous , i thought it would be fun to post some ridiculous things of my own. phil mentioned starting up a unicorns fan club. this band being something that phil and i have a strange dynamic with and with each other about. that made no sense, but phil knows what i am talking about. obviously it would be silly, but something tells me some crazed unicorns fan will get so excited about this fake idea and i will not know what to do. the other reaction is that i do feel like i need to get out and try new things, like playing some sport (i'm thinking kickball or flag football) or joining some club (like for people who play board games):

bgc: we like board games
kevin: me too!
bgc: sorry, club is full

it would probably just be good for me to be more social, meet some new people and get out of the house more. i will report back as to any future craig's list adventures i may experience in the future.


Phil said...

I think with your moves you should be teaching the hip hop class

kevin said...

people would not be able to handle my moonwalk