Wednesday, March 4, 2009

as a warning...this blog gets pretty personal...will post something dumb later

so yeah, it has been a while since i have posted...and probably for the first time the main reason was not laziness. it has now been over a month since louise and i have broken up and i have been in a constant state of changing moods. things have been very up and down (more down than up, but that is to be expected) and i didn't want to get all emo and start posting tmi, but's way better now than it would have been a few weeks ago and this is my blog...i do what i want. but to sum things up, the situation has been a mix of appreciating a little space and freedom mixed with loneliness and missing louise. i think we both know that this is probably best for both of us, and although it seems extremely doubtful, i am not completely counting out the possibility of us getting back together.

one thing that is weird is that now that i am single, dave is suddenly in a relationship...i'm guessing that, due to our ying and yang situation, if i ever end up in another relationship...dave and katie's days as a couple are doomed. it also brings to light how almost all of my friends are married or are in serious relationships which does make me feel a little out of place and loserish, but i guess that means i need to hang out more with my single friends. i dunno. it's all very weird and even though i am ok most of the time, i miss a lot of little things and because i still live where we lived together, i am often reminded of her. i definitely went through a mopey, feeling sorry for myself faze where i was probably drinking a little too heavily, but i think i am past that now and am trying to get a better perspective on things. dave seems to think my drunk-texting louise is not helping anything.

anyways, i am still keeping busy with random things. hopefully ben and i can make a comic happen. a bunch of people's b-days are coming up. brodie will be moving into our basement. i hope to do a sport of some kind this spring or summer. i have regressed in my efforts to get in shape, but will hopefully get back on track soon. i am considering taking some science classes at maryland to see if i can actually learn them this time around and to see if i want to pursue a new profession. and i guess at some point i have to try to talk to girls again....yikes....hey ladies, i hope you like awkward guys with zero game.


david said...

this isn't bad for a emo blog entry. by the way what does "tmi" mean? it is weird that you get single for once in 12 years when i am dating someone. tjtwigbs.

Dan R said...

OMG WTF dAvE?? TMI=Too Much Information! LOLz! ;)

neumunki said...

dave, this "coincidence" with you getting a girl and kevin losing one.. all signs point to voodoo.
and yeah, this isn't emo enough. You should maybe embed an mp3 by MCR to play over it. Or VSRIV.

kevin said...

what is vsriv? i know about violence takes refuge in virtue...but not vsriv. i tried to not make this post too there a word for so emo that it is uncomfortable? do you not know what tmi stands for?

david said...

i don't know, man. i feel like i've become so crotchety in the last 2 years or so. maybe it's time for me to post a blog containing too much tmi.. wait