Tuesday, July 27, 2010

i was gonna photoshop phil's face onto wall-e's body but quickly realized the time and effort to humor ratio was not good

tomorrow josie and i will be embarking on a quick trip to philadelphia, a city i always enjoy visiting. i am really excited about going and i expect josie to be an ideal traveling companion. because we're only going to be there for a little over a day, we have to just pick a few things we want to do and enjoy. obviously things don't always go as planned and here is a list of trip predictions:
  • i will regret not requesting the hypo-allergenic pillows
  • you will be able to witness josie's smile fade as she is subjected to picture after picture (flipbook style)
  • we will drink way too much coffee
  • i will run into soulja boy again
  • i will find some amazing sunglasses
  • bystanders will roll their eyes when i recreate the rocky scene at the pma
  • we will skip the veggie cheesesteak
  • i will be asked to "please stop making a scene"
  • the independent will not disappoint, except for their european breakfast
  • we will hit the gym with an intensity that makes the rest of the gym members uncomfortable
  • we will be nerdy and write yelp reviews
  • i will draw at least one thing
  • i will debate someone in john wall vs evan turner
we'll see how accurate my crystal ball is. i do really enjoy hanging out in philly and i think we will try to book a slightly more extended trip in the near future to really enjoy the city.

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