Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a new era has begun

so normally around this time i am going football crazy...both fantasy and reality. this year, my not caring that started halfway through last season has carried over. the only football i care about now is on friday nights on nbc.

basketball was looking like it might follow suit in my odd loss of interest in sports. but then things started happening. first off, the wizards won the lottery! yeah, yeah, i know. last time we were in this position we kinda pulled a homer.
well this year, they finally got a no-brainer pick in future superstar john wall. he:
  • is lightning-quick
  • is an excellent passer
  • is seemingly mature
  • is fun to watch
  • has his own dance

add to this, the drafting of some more rookies, trading for a some new players and basically pressing reset on the roster and you'll have something very close to what i like to do when i play nba2k on my 360. i know this will be a rebuilding year, but i enjoy the idea of potential and promise and look forward to seeing this team learn to play together and improve.

the nba also has a new villain and team to rout against in lebron james and the miami heat. i never liked lebron, but how he dealt with free agency as well as the ridiculous decision show just really cemented my hate for him. i won't elaborate too much more, but will sum up my dislike for lebron and how i will enjoy rooting against the heat for years to come with the following:


one final story in the nba that is luring me in this season is the arrival of an asian american player who had a great summer league and is not actually a giant. jeremy lin is a point guard from harvard who just signed with golden state. he is fun to watch and who knows...he could get some burn this season. i will follow him and try to reach for him in my fantasy basketball draft, assuming i do that this year.


turbo2oh said...

I feel like your lack of interest in FF was around in the preseason last year as well. I think you've just fallen from extreme interest to more of a mere mortal interest which means you get excited a week or two before the draft and try to re-learn it all as quickly as possibly to not look stupid during the draft. Can't wait for your inaugural year as commissioner (this year)!

kevin said...

the lack of interest this summer is way more apparent to me. i am definitely not commish. i think i will just focus on my renewed basketball interest as well as begin training for my new competitive endeavor: