Thursday, January 15, 2009

the enchanted forest seems disturbing

seriously, wtf? this appeared to be a normal shopping center with a petco and safeway, but apparently watching over these stores is a horrifying goblin king that's all lit from underneath to accentuate it's tear-inducing appearance. maybe they just want to keep kids outta there.


david said...

yeah my friend brett from UPS was talking about that a while back. i think we made plans to go get drunk there in the middle of the night.

Michele said...

The Enchanted Forest was the first theme park in Maryland and the second oldest in the US, built in 1955. The park contained no mechanical rides and most of the exhibits were based around nursery rhymes. The park closed in 1988 when the original owners sold the property and the shopping center was then built. A few acres of the park still remain, along with the statue and a portion of the castle wall. The statue is 'Old King Cole' and originally greeted visitors as they entered the park.