Thursday, January 15, 2009

have fun at dinner

so this has been kind of the hot shit blowin up today:

at first through fifth glance, it and they are all hilarious...almost too funny and way better than me at keeping a straight face. the principal seemed to handle things relatively well. and let me tell you, when i first saw these 2 kids, i immediately wanted to dislike them and their smarmy, know-they-are-funny expressions. but douchiness be damned, i now consider them awesome, that is, i assume, until i see this video a few more times and my admiration transmorphs into a very specific and concentrated form of hatred.

when will they get their own tv show? that is the real question. i am thinking that "have fun at dinner" is the 2009 version of fuck you. i love you and i like your tie...kevin out!

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