Monday, January 12, 2009

mixing it up and coining new terms for stuff that obviously already exists

i have not blogged in nearly a month. i guess a fair amount of stuff has been going on and i have been lazy. i also sometimes end up wanting to write about too many unconnected things that i'm just like nevermind. so now i will be trying to blog little short bits (sometimes just a sentence or three) about one specific thing with the occasional long and drawn out post as it comes to me. is this sort of like twitter? here are some things i foresee happening as a result:
  • i will blog more often and include more little things that i would not otherwise have written about or remembered down the line.
  • my verbose essay posts will be met with less criticism and disdain as they will be less frequent.
  • i will get tired of this new style and start blogging with pictures only.
  • i will act like i have invented this style and coin a term that will be quickly picked up by the hip and become part of internet vernacular (maybe i should check with dave before using that word, which i assume i did so incorrectly)
  • that new term will be known as a llblog (short for lil' blog, pretty catchy, eh?)
prepare for llblog #1 coming up soon. read it and be a part of internet history.

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