Thursday, January 29, 2009

this would be the first step towards making movies again

i am sitting here, still at work, on what i now refer to as "late thursdays". it is definitely nice and quiet as compared to when my coworkers are constantly chatting away loudly on their phones. it is nice and quite, but i am bored. i have read everything i care to online. now that nobody will see me, i've done a bunch of pushups. i don't really have any pressing work to do, so i figured i should blog.

2 years ago my parents got me this little usb video camera for christmas. it seemed neat, but i barely used it. often recording 10 second clips of dave doing something silly or chris spazzing out. with the exception of jessie "singing" along with the harmonica, none of these videos have been particularly interesting or used for anything.
it's a very basic camera that is really built for short youtube-esque videos. it's not cell phone small, but it is compact enough to fit into one of your pockets. it obviously plugs right into your usb port and is uploaded onto your computer.

i don't know why, but recently i have had the itch to harness my inner david silver and record various mundane things that may or may not include friends, family, events, etc. my first planned use of this camera was going to be the 40/40/40 during halftime of the superbowl, but the outlook of that actually happening does not look promising.

so i don't know how or when exactly i want to start doing this. i have to be careful as i would rather not be that annoying guy constantly pointing a camera in peoples' faces, hoping something interesting happens, when the subjects are obviously uncomfortable about it. it's not a deal breaker, but i would rather it not be the case.

beyond this, is my hope that this will get me back into film-making mode and get off my lazy ass and actually try to make a new movie. i guess we'll see what happens. everyone can expect at least an initial attempt at recording random bits of our lives. i just need to keep the batteries fresh, the camera in my pocket, and meet some more interesting people...zing! sike, that was dumb, but do count on seeing me with the camera in the future and hopefully beyond. if anyone has any interesting thing they think i should capture on video, please share. same goes for any potential movie ideas.


david said...

wow, now I'M excited about making movies. you know jill is always down, but there's always a few wet blankets around when we try to make one. i think we need to reconsider boner dudes 3, or possibly ski lodge 7.

Phil said...

looking at the date of this blog and it being the most recent is upsetting.