Monday, May 4, 2009

it's all public now

i feel like a girl when i write about these things, but i am fat. i don't know why it has that stigma attached to it...just as many guys are overweight...i guess it's just viewed as more girly to worry about it. but i am trying to care more about my health and my being fat is directly related. anyways, knowing this, i have decided that social support/ridicule might be a good way to get down to a somewhat acceptable and healthy weight and is something i never tried.

with that in mind, i had joined forces with dave's skinny gf to lose weight in some sort of biggest loser non competition agreement. i won't go into her details, but i will admit to have a starting weight of 206. i know...that's a fucking lot for someone who is questionably 5'8 (at least 3 inches taller than dave). the plan is to lose a total of 20lbs (186) by august 1. while we started the agreement on wednesday night, i had actually lost 4 lbs to get down to 202 on saturday. good start.

while i can be good during the week, of course i got derailed over the weekend. i blame dave as he started things off with presenting a treasure trove of candies purchased from 5 below. it started me off on a downward spiral that my insulin levels would not recover from. i did manage to only drink 1 beer and no liquor the entire weekend. i consider that at least a partial victory, but the candy binge and snacking from staying in both nights was truly a setback. i weighed myself this morning: 205.

so i basically undid my good work last week and am back to where i started. i will hopefully continue to be pretty strict with my eating during the week and also really minimize my damage during the weekend. i will continue to hit the gym 3 or 4 times a week and also include more non-exercise physical activity (nepa for those in the know).

i will also try to keep myself accountable by posting my updates weekly so if i am slacking, i will feel ashamed. hopefully this doesn't just make me give up and instead serves as an outside force that keeps me motivated. now what i need from my friends is to call me out, especially on the weekends when i am straying far off from healthy diet. here are some examples:
  • sean k should toss my pizza pie off into the distance like a frisbee
  • dave should ask for one bite of my spaghetti and roll the entire plates worth onto his fork
  • brodie should go all michael flatley on my bag of chips...i won't eat crumbs
  • laura should slap dance the candy out of my hand just before it reaches my mouth
  • nam should kick my burrito so that all that's left are the beans and veggies
  • chris should take all of my whiskey shots for me
  • phil should bench press anything i order that involves a bread bowl
  • dan should take my greasy chinese carryout and run it over with his bicycle get the idea. i know that while the first few pounds might come off easily, the further down i go, the tougher it becomes, but i have to try. i think i am feeling focused and can have a good week. so assuming all goes according to plan, i will be fighting anderson silva in august. thanks in advance for your annoying help everyone.


Phil said...

id say try to go a month without drinking. a friend of mine did this recently and lost a lot of weight. I think not only does it cut out the carbs of drinking it also avoids those drunken food decisions for a double whammy effect.

With that said I plan on hosting a wild kegger this weekend and everyones invited! sike!

ps i hear recreational drug use slows metabolism

kevin said...

yeah...i think not drinking is a good idea, but it is tempting when i am bored and sitting around at the house. i guess i am just not invited to these exclusive parties at your place. pretty weak.

i'll make sure to stay away from these recreational drugs you speak of.

Jess said...

You could always take up Ballet class! Think of the advantages:

-Improve your alignment
-Increase flexibility
-Gain agility, and grace!
-Pretend you are King Louis the 14th, The Sun King! As a bonus, every ballet class always starts off at a Bar(re).

Brodie said...

Hey Kevin, Want some chips?