Monday, May 18, 2009

wheaton tastes pretty good

yesterday i went to the taste of wheaton with my parents and it was a good time. on the way there, i had the following exchange with my dad:

me: we're going to wheaton....i wonder if there will be any peruvian chicken (spoken with extreme sarcasm)
dad: really? you do know that there are literally dozens of peruvian chicken restaurants there. (shakes his head)
me: yeah, but i-
dad: (cuts me off) ...literally dozens...
me: (sitting in silence)...

so yeah, my dad unintentionally gaussed me.

either way, i was excited about this taste of wheaton, as i enjoy eating food a lot. i figured, wheaton would be the place where pupusas would flow like wine, and it did not disappoint. i consumed the following:
  • 1 cheese pupusa with cole slaw topping - $1
  • 4 pieces of avocado/cucumber sushi - $2
  • 2 vegetarian dumplings - $3
  • 1 slice of white pizza with sliced tomatoes - $1
  • 1 spinach and cheese calzone - $1
there were so many pupusa options it made my head spin and i am kind of surprised i only ate one. the dumplings were really good too. the sushi was ok and the italian food was a bust. that is one lesson i am intent on learning and abiding by in the future. whenever i am at a festival of some sort....avoid the italian food cause it will be shitty. this held true at renfest and the laurel main street festival and the trend continued yesterday. i don't know why pizza doesn't seem to translate well in these venues. i mean...i love pizza normally and actually ate it in some form every day this weekend, so you can tell my diet has been going well.

another fun observation was checking out the random booths set up in the non food area of the taste of wheaton. some of them i found to be ok and reasonable. montgomery county library? sure, why not? i guess kids should read and shit. churches? eh...not feeling it, but it makes sense sort of. latino health initiative? sounds good. new2you computers? hmm..this one caught my interest as their motto was something like "tell us what you want and we'll build it for you". they had random computer monitors and peripherals with generic "low price" or "hot deal" stickers on them, but no specific information. i was tempted to be an ass and check them out, but i was with my parents. the other notable booth was the montgomery county department of permits...which...i just...why?

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acpirate said...

you should have visited me if you were in wheaton! wanker...