Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ready, set, gogoplata

well tobin already beat me to actually writing about this, but this one of about 7 bruises currently on my arms from the free brazilian jiu-jitsu class i took a week ago (the bruise was much worse a few days ago). chris was astounded by the bruises and explained how if one of his students showed up like that for class, he would be forced to call child protective services. none of these bruises actually hurt, but i feel like they make me look tougher.

the first class was a lot of fun as i worked primarily with the assistant teacher during the advanced class. he showed me some warm-ups and basic transitions and maneuvers. after that we grappled for about 20 minutes where he administered my multiple arm bruises. i was able to submit him twice, and he claimed that he did not "give them to me", which whether true or not was nice to hear. also worth noting that i was nearly twice his size, but my natural reaction of trying to muscle my way out of situations often ended up with my body twisted up like a pretzel.

i should be rolling with gina soon enough...so adorably deadly

everyone there was really friendly and they kept explaining how i won't remember the moves next time, or even the next 100 times, but that eventually i would realize that i was just doing the moves. the school was kind of far away...probably 30 minutes if there is no traffic, but i was thinking i was on board and ready to mix it up. then i discovered the price for joining the school and i was completely deflated. i wrestled with the trying to find a way to make it work financially, but in the end...the price plus the distance was too much and i have not returned.

after seeing sonny and renee yesterday, sonny mentioned someone he knew that was an mma fighter and had opened a gym in columbia. i checked it out online and it seems to be a nicer facility that is obviously more conveniently located. the prices are a little bit cheaper if i sign up for a year...even cheaper if i can get someone to couple up with me and get the couple rate...and even cheaper if 3 friends want to kick it family-style. this gym also teaches a lot of striking and seems to be a little more focused on training people that want to fight, and i know i am no fighter...but either way, this place might make more sense.
the final and much more likely route involves getting a few beginner books and/or dvds and learning some basics in my living room with dave and brodie. i figure i will get bjj for dummies or something really basic like that and try to not be completely incompetent. if i find that i like it and i am not going back to school this fall, i will revisit the idea of signing up for these super expensive classes. this plan also times well with my work getting a brand new gym in august that will hopefully be super cheap and allow me to quit my current gym.


Tobin said...

Okay I give up, what's that from? It can't be from bloody knuckles.

Phil said...

If you were able to submit him twice it sounds like you've already mastered the sport and have no need to pay for classes.

david said...

i agree with phil. i think we should organize a backyard mma card with you, the "hong kong hammer" facing brodie "the hangman" honaker.