Wednesday, May 6, 2009

play him off keyboard him off

my prior, and honestly ongoing obsession with spaghetti cat has helped lead to my transition into the next feline internet superstar, keyboard cat. i spent most of yesterday afternoon sending various keyboard cat videos to phil. here is a sample of what keyboard cat brings to the table.

so get the formula:

viral video + keyboard cat playing him/her out = simple comedy gold

but this also begs the follow up question of why cats appeal to me in this specific way. i am a million times more fond of dogs. cats are fine and all, but dogs just suit me better as companions. i think cats come off as more intelligent animals with some semblance of dignity that just does not exist in dogs. thus putting them in these ridiculous situations with their expressions of being "better than this" and simply "over it" works well to generate instant laughter in me. plus that song is so catchy.

if you agree with keyboard cat being awesome, you can further explore the depths of his being and his inner most thoughts at his new website.


david said...

i am excited by your recent spurt of blogging, kevin. i too hope to soon regain my blogging fire as the semester winds down.

Phil said...

Keyboard cat can heal this country one problem at a time.

Tobin said...

Thank you so much for showing me this meme. I've been watching keyboard cat videos for the last 10 minutes, cackling.

Steven said...

Keyboard cat is awesome haha. Thanks for introducing this to me.