Tuesday, October 27, 2009

i kicked ball

tomorrow marks the conclusion of my first season of kickball. it has been interesting. i am not sure what i was expecting (hot single girls all over me), but overall the experience was good. this was mainly due to the fact that it gave me something new to do and it led to a lot hanging out with eskay and chris but not so much the girl part.

our team was not good. i believe we are 1-4-1. i certainly had my share of mistakes and am not the greatest athlete, but i was one of the best players on the team if that gives you any indication of how bad our team was. we had the mercy rule called on us twice in one game. steve and i have collided twice while attempting to field fly balls. but whatever...that was not the point of kickball. i joined to have fun and meet some new people and to party. our first game seemed to indicate good things to come as almost every girl on the team was extremely hot. we lost that first game in what would be a preview of what was to come. postgame, chris, steve and i were ready to hit the bars...as is kind of the rule with kickball. guess who went to the bars that night? me, chris and steve. that shit was busted.

throughout the season, we managed to get various parts of the team to go out, but realized that they were all a tight group of friends and we were the strangers they were not really trying to include. some were friendlier than others, and a couple of people have actually been making efforts to include us more, which is nice. there has been a severe lack of flip cup which i experienced going out with steve's other team and was what i kind of thought was just the norm. not so much.

eskay and i kind of picked 2 girls who we thought were both hot and single to possibly focus our attention on. my girl who i will not name but refer to as the ice queen is hot (and to be honest, way out of my league), but she has never exactly warmed up to me. she has separated the boys from the girls twice now when we've gone out to the bars. last week i found out she had a boyfriend and met him. i was just telling steve...ice queen's bf was normal and seemed like a nice enough guy....but seriously, fuck that dude. i should have serenaded her.

steve's girl is certainly more friendly, but she hasn't really been showing much interest. i guess at least they didn't string us along and make us think we might have had a chance. they've been very clear through their actions. again, the team has been nice, but sort of like, we're all stuck here together, so we'll be polite and sort of half-ass drinking and hanging out. one couple has invited us to a halloween party, but i think it's cause they kinda feel bad for us and not because they really want us to attend. so that doesn't seem like a good prospect. what this all means is that tomorrow we will say goodbye. i will make out with the ice queen and then never see any of them ever again. only to be left with memories and possibly material for a book about kickball.

for the spring season, steve and i have been discussing joining a saturday league, starting a new team on our current league, and possibly me joining his current thursday league. that's a lot of kickball. hopefully there will be more social, single and realistically hot girls to reject me. we'll see. as of now, i am ready for this to be over and get back to my regular schedule, going to the gym a little more frequently, not drinking in the middle of the week and getting more sleep. i have fallen way off the with my health and fitness. i'm sure, come march, i will be ready to give it another go or 3.


Steven said...

Yea man... we gave it the college try. It was fun I do enjoy kickball Wednesdays and I'll miss em when they are gone. There is always next season... just get in better shape during the off season... and we will find a new team.

kevin said...

yeah, i am ready to be done with it now, but i bet next week i'll be like, damn, wish i had kickball...next season, we got this.