Wednesday, October 28, 2009

whatever you do, avoid meadowbrook

so today some random instant message popped up from somebody i don't know. after steve and katie both seemed against it, i decided to go ahead and respond and here was our conversation:

[15:57] gullytodeworld: wam girl
[15:58] kingkevin91: who is this?
[15:59] gullytodeworld: your mother man
[15:59] kingkevin91: ah snap
[15:59] gullytodeworld: that fuck her last nite
[15:59] kingkevin91: nice
[15:59] gullytodeworld: who de fuck is u
[15:59] gullytodeworld: i dnt no u
[16:00] gullytodeworld: are ur call name fuck up\
[16:00] kingkevin91: what?
[16:00] kingkevin91: you started talking to me
[16:00] gullytodeworld: yes fuck face
[16:00] gullytodeworld: i did
[16:00] gullytodeworld: u have a prob with tht
[16:00] kingkevin91: nope
[16:00] kingkevin91: do you?
[16:00] gullytodeworld: becuz i can come up in meadow brook
[16:01] kingkevin91: ahh
[16:01] gullytodeworld: n we hcan fight it
[16:01] kingkevin91: not meadowbrook!!!
[16:01] kingkevin91: anywhere but there
[16:01] gullytodeworld: right there
[16:01] kingkevin91: anywhere else
[16:01] gullytodeworld: right there
[16:01] kingkevin91: somewhere else?
[16:01] gullytodeworld: i will fuck u up for my girl
[16:01] kingkevin91: i barely touched her
[16:01] kingkevin91: i apologize
[16:02] gullytodeworld: fuck u n ur apologize
[16:02] gullytodeworld: i dnt need tht
[16:02] kingkevin91: fine
[16:02] kingkevin91: i take it back
[16:02] gullytodeworld: becuz i fuck ur girl for 10,000$
[16:02] gullytodeworld: yesterday
[16:02] kingkevin91: that's a good deal
[16:02] gullytodeworld: yes
[16:02] gullytodeworld: she say u dnt fuck her gud
[16:02] kingkevin91: i know, that's messed up, right?
[16:03] gullytodeworld: yes fuck face
[16:03] gullytodeworld: look i comin there nw with my boy
[16:03] kingkevin91: ok
[16:04] gullytodeworld: so look out for we
[16:04] kingkevin91: i will
[16:04] gullytodeworld: i comin at lot 122
[16:04] kingkevin91: meadowbrook, right?
[16:04] gullytodeworld: yes
[16:04] kingkevin91: wait, what time?
[16:04] gullytodeworld: rite there
[16:04] gullytodeworld: nw
[16:04] gullytodeworld: we in a red car
[16:04] kingkevin91: how about in like 10 minutes
[16:04] gullytodeworld: no
[16:04] kingkevin91: ok 5
[16:04] gullytodeworld: we comin nw
[16:04] kingkevin91: 5 minutes it is
[16:05] gullytodeworld: so run for ur fat cuzin
[16:05] kingkevin91: he's sensitive about his weight
[16:05] gullytodeworld: ok
[16:05] gullytodeworld: kein is akeem dnt run for no one
[16:05] gullytodeworld: as yet
[16:05] gullytodeworld: lol
[16:06] gullytodeworld: kevin
[16:06] kingkevin91: noted
[16:06] gullytodeworld: lol
[16:06] kingkevin91: so red car
[16:06] kingkevin91: meadowbrook
[16:06] kingkevin91: in 15 to 25 minutes?
[16:06] gullytodeworld: na
[16:06] kingkevin91: 45 minute
[16:06] kingkevin91: maybe an hour
[16:06] gullytodeworld: in 298days
[16:07] gullytodeworld: lol
[16:07] gullytodeworld: u is a ass
[16:07] kingkevin91: haha
[16:07] gullytodeworld: wat goin on
[16:08] gullytodeworld: it ok
[16:09] kingkevin91: you got me mixed up with another kevin
[16:10] gullytodeworld: no g
[16:10] gullytodeworld: this is akeem
[16:11] kingkevin91: i don't think we know each other
[16:11] gullytodeworld: ok
[16:12] kingkevin91: but that was good times
[16:13] gullytodeworld: yes

now the question is, should i maintain this new found friendship?

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