Friday, October 30, 2009

these teams better not suck

my interest in football, both real and fantasy never really took off much this year and has since become quite the afterthought for least compared to previous years. now the the nba season has begun, it has really squashed my football spirits, well, that combined with my fantasy teams sucking and no longer being a redskins fan. so the wizards are looking real promising, as long as everyone stays healthy. even though i no longer have comcast so i can't watch wiz games, i have been enjoying random games this first week on espn and tnt. i would even consider ordering the nba package, but i already watch too much tv. one of my favorite podcasts, the basketball jones is back.

Ep. 457: King and Captain? from The Basketball Jones on Vimeo.

chris and i joined a random keeper league that looks like it could be fun. it is another crazy 16 teamer that made for us unprepared owners to have to scramble quite a bit in the later rounds. i ended up with what i think is a solid and promising team with holes, but i can work with it. some of players include deron williams, jason kidd, nene, trevor ariza, aaron brooks, marc gasol, and blake griffin (who is out for 6 weeks, ugh). i definitely have some regrets, but that's just the way it's gotta be sometimes. i enjoy fantasy basketball so much more than football, which i know makes me weird. i enjoy that there are games everyday so there's always a little something to follow or read about the next day. as opposed to the sunday overload that is football.

although i planned to just do one league, like i did last year, i couldn't pass up the chance to play with eskay's crew. this is gonna be totally different as it is an 8 team league, which really levels the playing field, and negates my experience as i think most of these guys have never played. it should be fun to be in a league with people i know since all of my friends decided they didn't like it.

i know you're gawking at my weird-ass doesn't matter, cause i'm on kevin's fantasy squad!

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