Friday, October 16, 2009

short of murdering dan snyder, this had to happen

after years of threatening....i think i am finally at that point. mark it down, i am no longer a redskins fan. i enjoyed the 80's and some of the 90's. my dad is a skins fan, so i followed suit. and when i think about it, it's his conviction to remain a fan that i was both impressed with as well as what had me barely holding on as a fan for the last 5 or so years. i know die-hards like steve will shake their heads disspointingly, but hey, that's just the way it's gotta be sometimes.

now i am going to be making some poorly thought out points, throwing out questionable statistics and possibly fabricated quotes, but my main argument is the redskins are no good and the reason for this is one man, dan snyder. fuck that guy! seriously...what a fucking tool. as you might be able to tell, i have a lot of anger and extreme hatred directed towards this ass. i'm sad that becuase of this baby murderer, i will no longer get to enjoy sundays with my dad like i used to.

look, as a former redskins fan, i know the issues. besides the very obvious racial slur of a team name, protected under the guise of it being historical or tradition or whatever, this team has had a constant ceiling of mediocre and floor of awful. being bad is ok. i am ok with that. it's how you deal with it that makes a difference. see how good teams build through the draft? well how about we say screw that and trade away our draft picks for over-rated or past-their-prime "star" players? i admittedly fell for this throw money around to win plan and boy was i wrong. i realized this, how come wonder boy couldn't? and when we do somehow have draft picks, we don't use them wisely. we had 3 second round picks 2 years ago. any normal gm would address the biggest need which is/was an aging o-line with no depth. what do we do? draft 2 wr's and a tight end that have done jack shit. this team continues to pull stupid move after stupid move and that is why we gave the lions their first win in almost 2 calendar years. we don't have a gm. just an incompetent team president that is basically danny's yes man.'s so irritiating...glad i'm done with them.

snyder loves the attention of the flashy signing. his love of big names continues with coaches. and when he went on to sign a nobody, he hired him first as offensive coordinator and then promoted him head coach when nobody else would touch that job. cause people have come to realize what a dysfunctional organization this is. now zorn is now on the hotseat and while he hasn't been a great coach, it's hardly all his fault, but snyder probably doesn't see it that way. he apparently wanted mike shanahan, but when shananan said he would only do it if he had control over player personel, snyder balked. because he and vinny have had such a great track record building teams. i was being real sarcastic in that last sentence.

another bad aspect is that this isn't a bad coach or qb or gm, where you just have to deal with it for a little bit, but you know they will soon be out of a job. this is the owner. and even worse, he's like 40 years old! also, the redskins are like the most profitable team in the nfl! so he's never gonna sell and he'll probably own then for the next 40 years. at least with other shitty owners (al davis) they will be dead soon. there is light at the end of the tunnel for those fans. not so much for those poor redskins fans. maybe one day i will come back, but it would have to take something drastic....not just a good redskins team.
so that leaves me a man without a team....unlike dan, my fellow ex-redskin fan, i cannot just jump on the ravens. something about that doesn't feel right. i can't pick another nfc east team either. i also would not want to pick one of the best teams in the league as i am no fair-weather fan nor do i want a team with a huge national following. and i hate the patriots. so what does that leave me with? i don't mind picking a bad team as long as they are learning from their mistakes and building for a better future.

possible new teams going from west to east
  • 49ers
  • texans
  • lions
  • dolphins
what do you think?


Phil said...

Id pick the Texans

Laura said...

So sad. I won't give up but I can understand your frustration. I think I am more likely to give up on football in general than the redskins.