Thursday, October 15, 2009

yeah, yeah...i know

it has been quite a break but i cannot quit this blog. life has been a little eventful since august....i guess. not really, but for my own personal record when i reread this things years from now, i will be like oh yeah, i remember when i said i that that movie was ok. here are some quick hits as best i can recall:

  • went to the beach with dave, chris, michele, jill and dan and we all stayed in a one econolodge room...good work on that dave.
  • went back to the dragon's tail. stayed in a sweet house. saw anders pass out in a crouching/praying position. went to my first indian casino. traveled the underground lake with a tour guide with some sweet jokes.
  • joined a kickball team with steve and chris. our team is no good (currently 1-3-1). the single girls on the team are hot as balls, yet cold as ice.
  • still doing special olympics and am starting to take more of a leadership role. the big competition is on mt st. mary's 7am...ugh.
  • jessie loves brodie.
  • i changed my oil for the first time ever.
  • fell down the outside stairs at brewer's art. the bouncer said it was a "graceful fall".
  • beach hawk/the fruity boys
  • still nowhere near where i want to be in-shape wise.
  • been enjoying hanging out a lot with steve, froilan and jevon like we're back in towson.
  • became pretty good friends with katie.
  • i have 2 money fantasy football teams, one in 1st place, one in last, they both suck.
  • nickie is moving out. who will move in?
  • still don't know how to talk to girls.
  • had a better time at renfest than last year. drank and ate a ton.
  • saw jim gaffigan with louise and her parents.
  • a trainer at my gym said i had freakish leg strength, while another gigantic man was impressed with my 395 lb dead lift.
  • we no longer get fx and i now have to watch it's always sunny in philadelphia on hulu on an 8 day delay.
  • got the trx.
so that's what i can remember. here's potential stuff coming up:
  • dan's birthday party
  • no plans and no potential costume.
  • zip lining
  • trying to go on a trip soon...a real trip
  • reconsidering learning some mma...but it's so expensive, although the physical challenge is appealing, plus it would be nice to know how to fight
  • work on getting out of rut
  • planning on joining more social sports, hoping we have a more inclusive team
  • ravens-broncos
  • need to explore my creative outlets more....write some songs, stories, paint, beatlab, etc.
  • dave's gonna
  • need to pick a new football team to follow...may blog about the awfulness of snyder.
  • wizards' season is about to start...cautiously optimistic.
  • learn how to drive stick that's enough for now and it covers what i've missed blogging about in a very glossed over way. i am more or less caught up and can start blogging again in excruciating detail and with a cringe worthy whiny tone about thoughts or occurrences.


Phil said...

if you want to borrow my corey delaney costume let me know!

kevin said...

haha...i remember that. i also remembering not getting it at first and then feeling lame after you explained it to me. i don't think i look as much like him as you do unfortunately.