Thursday, July 17, 2008

can you touch it?

well i came across a deal for refurbished ipods and thought long and hard about what to do. i am very intrigued by the ipod touch and all the touching that is involved. it seems like an iphone without the phone, which is fine since i have a good cell phone that i never use anyways. the problem is, they are expensive compared to the old boring ipods and they have much less storage capacity. initially this seemed like a problem for me as i have accumulated roughly 5o gigs of music, with about 30 gigs of stuff on my current busted ipod. the touch comes in 8, 16 and 32 gig varieties. i knew 8 would never cut it, so that option went out the window. i figured 32 would work, but the idea of spending $430 + tax on it seemed just a little out of price range. the 16 gig for $299 seemed like the best fit like i was an ipod goldilocks.
so i started to go through my massive music collection and began to remove things from itunes that i never listen to. well there was a lot of stuff that i had just collected cause it was free, but never listened to (oneida, menomena, etc). there were a lot of downloads where i shrugged my shoulders and thought "why not?"(dr. aliemento, iron & wine). there was a lot of music that i held onto because it was music that was made by groups/musicians that i know are good, but never really did anything for me (grizzly bear, the national, victor vaughn, etc.) there was also a lot of full albums i got where i realized i only really liked one or two songs (yael naim, bats for lashes, etc.)

after many trips through my music collection i took out all of the non-essentials and stuff that deep down inside i knew that i would never listen to and widdled everything down to under 13 gigs (of all lil wayne mix tapes, just kidding...but he does take up more than his fair share of space in my itunes). looking through it now, my collection is now a lot tighter with all music i know well and love. this will end the days of someone picking some random song on my ipod while i am driving and me having to embarassingly ask, "who is this?"

i realize now that i held on to all of that old music like a musical packrat. in the same way cleaning out old, useless junk from your basement (which i would like to do sometime in the near future), cleaning out a lot of old music i would never listen to felt surprisingly good.

so i will hopefully be touching sometime tomorrow, while retiring my old and loved ipod boring to my bedroom where it can still function perfectly well in my ipod stereo dock.

in other random news, i learned that one of my faves, amy poehler will be starring in the new office spinoff, which also includes the ridiculous aziz ansari. i don't see how this could fail. it would be nice to round out the cast with another snl alum, rachel dratch, who is equally hilarious, if not quite as nice to look at (i am referring to poehler by the way). it could make up for her getting the shaft from 30 rock.

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