Thursday, July 24, 2008

just poker and liquor

this weekend seems to be filled with more activities than usual and by more i mean 2. coming up, we are headed to atlantic city for sean's bachelor party. who knows how drunk i will be? it's a mystery i am excited to solve. luckily my perma-sober friend nam will be chauffeuring us to and from as well as around the city of atlantic.
i have gone through various stages of gambling...often times foolishly feeling as though i could win money on a regular basis. i am now at a stage of gambling where i really couldn't be more conservative. gone are the days of blowing through $100 in 10 minutes playing 3 card poker. these are the days of slowly losing 25 cents at a time playing video poker...making sure to take as many money-saving breaks between hands as i possibly can, while still getting free drinks. i reflected upon this new state of mind as i played video poker at lunch on my new ipod touch (new love of my life...sorry louise...but that's another entry for another time...) and noticed that i was doing the same thing i do in the casino. i was taking long breaks and playing with only the minimum. mind you, this is all involving fake money. now if i am feeling brave (drunk) enough, i might venture into the poker rooms, where i have actually done ok in (broke even), but i know that a majority of my gambling will be done pressing buttons on a touch screen, while desperately looking for the cocktail waitress.
i also realize that with most other bachelor parties, there will be a strong push to go to a strip club or four. i have only been to two strip clubs...both from nam's bachelor party...and honestly, i am not really into them. the whole experience just feels weird to me. yes looking at hot (although usually fake-looking) girls sounds fun, but something about it seems creepy. who knows...maybe the girls in new jersey know what it do...or maybe i will be too drunk or excited about my huge winnings to care.

also up this weekend is chris' 30th birthday party. liver will not be happy with me this weekend. i know chris had hopes for a keg...although i don't know if we will have enough people to warrant this. also...most of our friends tend to not drink in excess...wusses. either way, it should be a fun time with some possible basketball, drinking games, videogames and a free mma broadcast. now we just need to figure who will drive...virtual finger on nose!

er...close enough

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