Monday, July 7, 2008

what i can remember

it's been a few weeks since i have returned from my vacation and i realize that if i don't blog about it soon, my memory of most things will become pretty hazy. overall it was a very nice trip with some ups and downs.

  • i got to spend an entire week with work, chores, errands, mentally challenged dog, etc.
  • the beach...ridiculously clean and beautiful
  • the swimming pools..also very well maintained...louise and i played a lot in the pool
  • our was gigantic with 18 foot ceilings, sunken living room
  • unlimited drinking...which was good in theory
  • relaxed pace
  • staff...all worked very hard...most were very friendly
  • swimming with sting rays and nurse sharks
  • snorkeling
  • the grounds...very well maintained, lots of plants and wildlife...ducks!
  • topless women...while it started off with more older shifted more towards hot and young as our vacation progressed
  • my british gf emma
  • boogy-boarding
  • straight chillin

  • i got a serious stomach bug which i blame soley on one chubby little kid that did a cannonball off of the pool bar...he also tried to punch me at one point
  • the was ok buffet food...but i am used to excellent cruise food
  • not as many activities...again this is more based on my cruising experiences...we did go to one show which was a mashup of performers imitating famous singers
  • aggressive salespeople that want you to tour their timeshares, look at their jewelery, etc.
  • lack of mom convinced me that our 2 bottles of sunblock were enough...she may not truly understand louise's level of whiteness...we had to buy another bottle...we went with the cheapest one we could find ($20)
  • rude i generally think fondly about europe and europeans as i had a great time there 10 years ago...but damn, they were so unnecessarily nasty to the staff and seemed to never tip...they also butted in line at the buffet often
  • one of the guys at the omelete station...i don't know what i did to him, but he was always giving me the stink eye

it was a very nice and relaxing vacation and i would probably have more drunken exploits to report had i not gotten sick. the whole trip was a good deal and i would consider doing it again in a few years, but maybe upgrade to slightly nicer resort with the hopes that the food is nicer and there are a few more things to do.

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