Tuesday, July 15, 2008

will the 360 become my true home entertainment center?

i have recently enjoyed a renewed interest in video games, brought on by gta 4, which after having numerous conversations with dave where we both spoke as roman, i finally completed last week. i enjoyed that game a lot, probably my favorite since the heyday of gears. once i finished gta, the video game part of my brain craved more video games. so i quickly played through bioshock, which we have owned for a while, but i never really played. it was pretty awesome too. i have 2 more barely-played games that i should at least attempt to finish before i can justify purchasing anything new. they are mass effect and stranglehold. i have played through a few hours of both games and while pretty fun, neither really kept my attention as much as gta or bioshock. louise claims mass effect is the best game ever...i dunno.

so this leads up to some current xbox news via e3. the first thing i would like to note is that microsoft and netflix are now joining forces, allowing subscribers to stream netflix's "watch instantly" movies through the 360. i was actually considering purchasing the netflix box that does the same thing, so i am definitely excited about this service coming to the 360. this is also helping me try to figure out a way to stop paying for cable...which seems unlikely, but would be awesome.

they also refreshed my memory of many potentially awesome games that will be coming out sometime soon.
  • gears of war 2 - i have high hopes and if they make even slight improvements, i will be very happy and probably addicted to it.
  • resident evil 5 - the gameplay was so well done in re4...the graphics look markedly improved...it's set in africa
  • fallout 3 - a briefly played some of the earlier versions of this series...it's an rpg...you get a pet dog
  • fable 2 - i played some of the first fable...it was good, but i am expecting huge refinements in this version..you get a pet dog
  • final fantasy xiii - this was apparently a huge shocker...i am a fan of final fantasy, having played 7 and 10....
it's interesting to note that these are all continuations of current series with no new ip's. other games not mentioned in their press conference that i am personally excited about include the new ufc game and the zombie game left 4 dead. there are new guitar hero and rock band games that i could care less about, but lousie will probably want those. she is also ridiculously excited about the new soul caliber game as she and chris play the old xbox version a lot. basically i have a lot of choices to make, especially if i am trying to be more particular with my purchases.

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