Tuesday, July 29, 2008

messed up but true

back to black was one of my favorite albums of last year. nobody can deny winehouse's ridiculous, soulful voice. her songs are produced with slickness and polish. i'm not sure if she writes her own songs or not, but that aspect is also strong. honestly, i could listen to her sing anything, no matter how poorly crafted.

so it is with great sadness that i, along with the rest of the world, witness her awe-inspiring self-destruction and downfall. dave claims she was hot back in the day. i did a little internet research and while i wouldn't consider her "hot", she was definitely cute at one point in time. the visual contrast of how she looked a few years ago compared to now is jarring. for everyone's sake, i will refrain from posting any close-ups of her face while it appears to be melting. with her newly formed hunchback, she looks kind of like gargamel with a beehive hairdo. she has been to the hospital numerous times and was told that she will die soon if she does not change her ways. she responds by giving everyone a big f you and drinking/smoking/at levels that would give gary busey pause. either way...things are not looking up for amy winehouse.

her family has been trying to get her into rehab, slow her constant drinking, crack-smoking, etc. but to clearly no avail. she will not listen to reason and is basically like a wild animal. while there is a certain appeal to the don't-give-a-fuck, i do what i want to the point where it gets silly attitude that she exudes, it is an obvious detriment to her health and well...living.

so it is with that in mind that i plead for those involved, please get amy in the studio to record her follow-up to back in black. seriously...time is running out. it's pretty messed up, and while i would normally advocate that they stay strong and keep pushing the rehab angle, let's be honest here...the person below may have reached the point of no return.
so while she may not be long for this world, having a second album would be a great gift to those who appreciate her musical talents. imagine if biggie had not been gunned down, but instead had been diagnosed with some terminal disease? i believe he would have spent some time in the studio laying down as many tracks as he could. amy's descent has been going on for a while now, so it's time for those around her to be responsible, do the world a favor and get skinny in the studio to capture one more classic album to be treasured forever before the inevitable happens. it might seem greedy now, but society will thank you in the end.


Anonymous said...

actually, "Back to Black" IS her second album. her first was called "Frank", recorded in...2001...2002? i don't know. but yeah, she's gonna die soon.

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