Tuesday, July 29, 2008

what does mace stand for?

...it stands for boobies in my face! don't get that annoyingly random and obscure reference? well then you my friend need to view safehouse starring patrick "and then her pants just fall down" stewart. and yes, the bachelor party/birthday weekend was fun and exhausting. the strip club was weird as there were a lot of strippers there, who would come up and flirt with you to try to get you to buy a lapdance. i found this very uncomfortable. i instead watched the "free" show on stage, later advancing up front to give a few dollars and get boobies in my face from my favorite girl of the night, who looked a lot like the coach's daughter in friday night lights.

other highlights include:
  • getting tipsy before we got to a.c.
  • telling jim to bet on black, thus winning him $100
  • learning that dan has that "titty club look"
  • waving goodbye to sean's dignity
  • knowing that unlike others, i am not done
  • falling asleep playing video poker with nam at 3 am
chris' 30th was also fun. a decent number of people showed, but a lot of chris' full keg remained undrank. there was a lot of chatting, drinking, video games and mma watching. this also gave me and dave the opportunity to finally make our own salsa using his new food processor. ingredients included tomatoes, cilantro, red onion, garlic, lime zest and juice, habanero pepper, tomatillos, bell pepper, white wine vinegar, salt and pepper. thus the first batch of the salsa bros salsa was born and it turned out better than i had hoped. in my opinion, it was definitely better than any jarred salsa i have had and is on par with the best salsas i have had in restaurants. our next batch should be made any day now as we have been putting it on a lot of our food and are almost out. we picked up some new ingredients to play around with...so that should be fun. salsa.

coming up, louise and i have all the crazy wedding events to attend. i'm hoping they are fun and go by quickly. also, sean and brigitte will be getting married on saturday. i wish i could go and i hope that everyone there has a fun time as well. on sunday dave and i will be going to volunteer at the pgaspca. i have been meaning to get involved in some volunteer work for a long time, but i have been lazy. i am looking forward to helping out and i hope that nothing upsets me too bad while i am there.

one more thing to note is that our annual friends fantasy football league has been started back up by phil. i am already in too many leagues...but oh well. let the campaign for more bench spots begin...

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