Tuesday, August 26, 2008

birthday conundrum

my 30th birthday is coming up soon and i need to make a decision about how to celebrate. i don't think i will freak out over the fact that i am becoming one year older and that year happens to arbitrarily be starting a new decade, but you never know. i am trying to decide between having a keg party similar to daves or else just going out to some bar.

while i think i prefer the idea of just having people over and hanging out...it might be too soon. the aftertaste of excessive yeungling may still be left in peoples' mouths and therefore doing it again 2 weeks later will probably just be kind of a letdown. on the other hand, if we go out, it will be more expensive, i will end up drinking too many different kinds of liquor and not everyone will be able to drink.

it would be nice to not have a party since there would be no clean up and a new environment to hang out in. also, i worry about angering the neighbors. we were pretty loud last time and i felt bad when they were looking out their window at us at like 1am. i did speak to my neighbor a few days ago and it was kind of a weird exchange.

i am walking towards my house while he is leaving. we exchange hellos. as he is getting into his car i decide that this is a good time to feel him out.

me: hey! sorry about it getting so loud the other night.
neighbor: (smiling) oh...don't worry about it (in thick african accent)
me: yeah, i saw that you guys were looking out your window at us and i felt bad that it was so noisy that late at night.
neighbor: seriously, it's no problem.
(i am feeling a little better)
me: oh ok, well then-
neighbor: my baby was just crying. (no change in tone, still sounding friendly)
(i am thrown)
me: uh....my bad...we'll try to keep it down next time.
neighbor: sure...don't worry about it.

i walk into my house not really sure what transpired. either way, if we do have a party this weekend, i think i will let him know ahead of time and give him my cell #, so that he can hit me on my hip if it is too loud.
so i am kind of unsure as to what i should do. i know the 2 people that read this blog are people that should be coming to my birthday outing, so what do you think i should do? what would be more fun? if you suggest going out, please give me some ideas.


Phil said...

As one of the readers I think going out is fine especially if spares you any concern/responsibility since its your birthday.

I say pick a local bar (from one of the various choices) Not that walking to Green Turtle would even be that far possibly take a cab/cabs.

Everyone gets to drink, no concern about cleaning up/drunk driving!

david said...

hmmm...it's up to you, kevywevy. i think you mentioned that you wanted to have a party but start it early-like. that would be cool. but i'm also down for going out. i will call nick, i mean liz. how does it feel to be in the evening of your youth?

Laura said...

i am down with going out.

kevin said...

i am now leaning towards party again since louise may have to work late and it would be easier for her to just come home to a party than to meet us out somewhere...i dunno.