Thursday, August 28, 2008

discoveries of late

in an attempt to keep up my end of the blogging agreement, i am starting yet another series of posts that may be easier to keep up as opposed to other series like people that are considered funny but are clearly unfunny. although i could easily add to that list (robin williams, mike meyers, dana carvey, etc.) those posts often require more time and i am usually lazy.

this new series will comprise of things i find on the internet that amuse, horrify, and entertain me. while i doubt anything i find the rest of this year will compare to spaghetti cat, here are some recent internet discoveries:

1. hanna montana gummies
wow...i honestly don't know what to say about this. upon seeing this for the first time, it gave me a sense of relief that there are in fact wonderful things that exist in the universe. i feel everything involved in this is pure, unadulterated genius. did billy ray have any input on this?

2. my new favorite source of motivation
i have been hitting the gym a lot lately in an effort to not be quite so fat. some days are tough and i just don't have the effort to go in and do work. sometimes i get tired and feel like skipping tougher exercises. now when i need it most, i can think about the following image, dig deep and work out like i am supposed to. i know he made a grammar error and it should be "you're", not "your"...but cut him some slack...he's a puppy.

3. the sexy people website
don't worry, this is not a porn site...and is very sfw, unless your coworkers hear you laughing like i do after each of laura's fantasy football draft picks. either way, this is an decent time waster and consists of wonderfully awful portraits of misguided people (seemingly mostly from the 70s and 80s). click here. i think my faves are trevor and larry.

4. the dark knight with kids
i really enjoyed the dark night, even though it went way past my normal limit of 100 minutes. this is a few weeks old, but i found it appropriate to include here as it is surprisingly well done and entertaining.

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david said...

i haven't gotten a chance to read this entry yet, but i wanted to comment on your comment on my blog. i agree-your fantasy football entries go straight over my head. i didn't have anything particularly inspired to write about, but i feel like just doing it gets you back in the mode to well, keep doing it.