Wednesday, August 20, 2008

fantasy burnout

i really nerded out on fantasy football way too early this year. i have done 2 drafts so far and i have at least 2 more to go. due to my aversion to work, i tend to read a lot of fantasy football stuff online and now i am definitely feeling the effects of this lifestyle choice.

i have a general feeling of apathy towards the hobby that i usually love, and this feeling does not usually set in before the nfl season actually starts. i will probably get excited again once the season starts...but right now my interest has waned.

i have a keeper draft tomorrow (league w/ louise's stepdad), where i will be choosing amongst players that i am not too excited about. i somehow did well last year...but i am expecting a sophomore slump considering larry johnson is by far my best rb.

next week we are having the draft for annual friends league. this year we are doing it online, which is fine by me although, the current plan is to allow 2 minutes per pick, which at 12 teams, 21 picks each, so things could get ugly. especially when you consider that the draft doesn't start until 10:30 pm. this would have been ok with me a few years ago, but now i am usually asleep by 11. i have also realized that every year i am opposed to many aspects of this league. this is weird, because when i think about it, most people seem pretty indifferent to the league settings...and yet every year i find myself fighting for certain things. i guess there will always be haters. one thing i have always campaigned for are larger rosters, which admittedly plays to my advantage since i am a football nerd and tend to know more players than most. the narc set this league up and actually almost met my demands of 10 bench spots, compromising with 9. i think that is a small victory for me. here are a few predictions for this league:
  1. only one tall redhead will have a good team
  2. i will draft way too many "upside" guys
  3. laura's team will come out of the gate strong but implode sometime around week 7
  4. dan's team will be ok
  5. chris will explain how his team sucks by about the midway point of the draft
  6. nam will luck his way into the stongest team
  7. someone i don't know will get hot at the end of the season and win it all
  8. i will complain a lot
which sleeper rb will i pick and therefore suck?


Laura said...

Your prediction could come true. I don't know why I tend to fade at the end. I think I start to get burnout also.

Steven said...

9. Kevin will lose to me on my way to the Superbowl.

- Should be defending champ Team Undefeated

kevin said...

10. Steve will wake up the next morning and realize there was a score correction and he actually lost by 1/4 point.