Thursday, August 28, 2008

a cowardly theory

i've recently made an interesting observation concerning the colts qb situation. yes, this one is purely about dave, feel free to read this one carefully and then comment.

anyways, jim sorgi is the backup qb for the indianapolis colts. this has to be the best job in the nfl. peyton manning has never missed an nfl game because on injury and as far as i know sorgi has been healthy throughout his 4 year career. this preseason manning undergoes suergery to remove an infected bursa sac and may potentially miss some games. time for sorgi to step up, right?

sorgi has had some playing experience, usually at the end of the season when the colts have their playoff situation all wrapped up and they want to rest their starters. those are pretty low pressure games to play in. now he might have to start the season as the team's qb1 and we suddenly hear of some mystery knee ailment or something. coincidence?

now i have no evidence or really any reason to arrive at the following theory, but it popped in my head, probably because this is how i would deal with it as well. sorgi can't handle the pressure and is faking his injury to avoid having to play. he's cool with his cushy situation of collecting big paychecks, wearing a baseball cap and standing next to tony dungy, but now that the pressure is on, he's wilting faster than flowers jessie just breathed on. oh snap! yeah, i just went there...

anyways, he's probably praying for peyton to get healthy now with some sort of reverse voodoo doll. i checked and sorgi is 6'5, weighing in at 196...hmm, that sounds like a louis brown physique, which is good for running, but not for getting piledrived by 2 300 pound men. much like nam and his blog, jim sorgi...consider yourself exposed!!!

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