Monday, August 18, 2008

dave's 35th birthday was a success

the portions of dave's birthday party where i was awake, were pretty awesome. a decent number of people showed up, a nice mix of people i see regularly and some that i rarely get to hang out with. we were able to finish off the quarter keg we had purchased earlier that day. we played a bunch of flip cup. someone mentioned that i was "looking hot" which was a nice ego boost...assuming it wasn't said with a malicious/sarcastic intent (ala "you're the coolest, homer simpson..) everyone seemed to be having a good time...even those that didn't take part in the drunken antics. it did get loud during the boys destruction of the girls in flip cup and i was a little concerned with the neighbors who were intermittantly checking things out from their bedroom window.

other things i noted:
  • i was happy to see laura back to her old form, drinking and talking trash
  • i wanted to see karen's sky diving video, but everyone had to watch olympic swimming (yawn...)
  • it was good to drink with nikki and just see her in general since she has been gone for a month
  • renĂ©e is a very good singer
  • i decided i need to hang out w/ eskay in baltimore and bub and jill in silver spring
  • bub would rather me call him bub than mark, which takes getting used to
people also played rock band, took shots (lots of them) and just generally had a good time. as the night wound down, some people were clearly too intoxicated. a few people ralphed outside, but luckily had sober people driving them home. after a lot of beer and way too many shots, i decided 3am was a good time to pass out. little did i know what was to occur next.

apparently, minutes after i collapsed into my bed, a friend of ours, who i will not refer to by name, was passed out on the couch. he/she then proceeded to vomit what was described to me as "black death w/ noodles". from all accounts, the volume of said vomit reached absurd proportions. it got so bad that it made another person run to the bathroom and upchuck. well our friend managed to vomit but was passed out and unable to really move. therefore, the people still remaining at the party, led by louise and some guys that have never met our friend, had to carry said vomitter out the door onto the patio, all while our roommate nicki was berating our friend and telling him/her to "man up". then louise had to clean up what was apparently a lot of puke. all this occurs while i lay asleep, blissfully unaware of the defiling of my carpet.

anyways, louise was up until 5am making sure our friend was ok (she had to work a double that day too) and they apparently woke up at some point in the morning and was able to make it home. i am sure this person is very embarassed about the situation and i would be too. that being said, we have been able to clean up the carpet pretty well. also, we know that this was an accident and don't really hold anything against our friend...although i am thinking they owe us a favor at some point.

so overall, i think this was our best party since my birthday last year. i am so glad i went to sleep when i did. considering how i was feeling at the time, i would not have been able to deal with that situation. i am also glad louise was able to tough it out and handle all of the dirty work. i showed my appreciation yesterday with a gift.

now the only question that remains, is what to do about my birthday. i will be turing 30, which sounds old, but as i have mentioned in the past, 30 is the new 12. i don't really care about making a big deal about my birthday as i tend to not enjoy being the focus of attention. that being said, i did really have a fun time the other night and would look forward to another similar evening. i would have to make sure that we keep an eye on how many shots people take as well as trying to keep the noise down so my neighbors don't get pissed off.


Tobin said...

Ohhhh. The puker HAS to be Fernatt.

Or Laura.

Laura said...

It wasn't me...

kevin said...

good guesses...but no

neumunki said...

I was there for the puking, and I ain't saying who it was... but it was pretty fantastical in a Suspiria kinda way.

it was Laura