Wednesday, August 27, 2008

why won't my friends blog?

when i am at work...i am often a very bored man. this has led to my reading waaaay too much about fantasy football. writing in this blog is a slightly more productive activity but i can only write so much...i'm just not that interesting. therefore, i crave things to read at work, even better if it's something written by someone i know...and even greater if my name is mentioned in it.
some of my friends have started blogs, but most have not really fulfilled their blogging duties, at least as far as my expectations go. dan blogs occassionally, but it is usually pretty nerdy. laura just started blogging and seems to have gotten into it, which i think is awesome. dave and louise, both of whom i believe could be very funny writers, started their blogs but those died quickly. ben blogs and rates seems this is primarily anime. i know tobin has a blog...but it is not updated frequently enough and it is usually stuff that goes over my head. eskay had a videogame blog that seems to be retired. his posts were always he just needs to move onto a personal blog that will amuse me. phil who i think is especially funny in the written format suspiciously dodges my attempts to have him he's trying to bury some big secret. this leads to nam, who i have had many conversation with on blogging. his wife jess writes regularly in her blog that simultaneously amuses and frightens me. he has always claimed that he "doesn't blog". which is a little odd considering i stumbled upon this little web gem as well as this. nam is telling me as i write this that everyone else has seen these sites...i don't care. i'm going to expose the truth!

anyways this is a call to people to start blogging if you haven't yet, and if you currently are, do it more often. most importantly, make sure to include me in a majoirty of your entries. i mean seriously! where is alex's blog of insanity? where's sean's blog about trumpets...ok, i probably wouldn't read that one. how about louis' money-saving blog? or chris' "i always lose at madden" blog? my current amount of blogging diversions is not sufficient. blog.


laura said...

hey, I just read the sub-title to your blog "my friends that I secretly hate". that's messed up. maybe that's why they aren't blogging.

kevin said...

you know laura...i had forgotten i wrote that. it was way too funny to me at the time, and i'm surprised you were the first one to mention it. oh well...i don't really hate my friends...and if i do, i hate with love.

neumunki said...

i only wrote about anime TWICE you bastard.

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