Tuesday, October 28, 2008

and yet another internet celebrity is born

the picture above, which apparently blew up on the internet yesterday is horrifying and yet fascinating to me. are we looking at some little girl who is simply unimpressed with this house fire, giving us a casual "eh...i've seen better" expression? or are we looking at something more sinister, possibly into the eyes of evil?

i am leaning more towards the latter as i am pretty sure she somehow influenced that fire's origin. people are calling her disaster girl as if she were some sort of malevolent preschool mothman or else the beginnings of some awful m. night shyamalan movie. regardless of whether or not she started this fire intentionally or unintentionally with her mind, or even more horrific, just poured gasoline all over the living room, lit a match and casually walked outside to enjoy her work, i believe this is not the last we will see of disaster girl and i would like to now officially pledge my allegiance to d.g. what do you guys think? smart move on my part? is she as potentially evil/powerful as i think?

also, buzzfeed had readers submit hilarious (although not funny if she is not amused) photoshops of disaster girl in action. here are some noteables:

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