Monday, October 6, 2008

i had a good time and that's all that matters

this was a big weekend. dave purchased nhl 09! my fantasy teams performed well (what's new?). the union of laura and dan occurred and it was quite eventful. a lot of little things happened, so much so that i am having difficulty putting this post together in a structured manner.

the ceremony started sort of early (11:30AM). the rivetti clan came to our house and we all drove to the mansion together. it was located next to some golf course/country club and it was very nice. the weather was as perfect as when we were in tennessee. highlights from the brief (thankfully) ceremony included eskay reading some scripture and laura (looking lovely) nearly losing it. it was all very nice. i also could not shake the thought of rushing up and pushing chris into the fountain behind him.

this wedding brought together a lot of people from my past and it was really nice seeing everyone. i did talk to jen and that went about as well as i could have hoped. i was still painfully awkward, but i think we were both happy to see each other. other noteables included mike kabran, tobin and janet. the reception was nice and the food, although slightly limiting for me, was delicious.

following the reception, we returned to my house where people rested and i pushed hard for more drinking. there were some hesitantly agreeing, probably to shut me up, but overall the lack of enthusiasm was slightly disheartening. we also watched the dvd of nick's one foray into the world of stand-up comedy.

from there the girls and nick drove the the turtle, while the guys walked. there were less people than i expected there, but it was still an awesome time either way. we drank a lot of beer. i bought a round of shots, where i drunkenly added a nice, fat tip even though the waitress had already added 18% gratuity. liz bought me a mind eraser through dave's tab. i think i drunkenly agreed to train ju-jitsu with janet's husband. i started playing hot hands. i blew chris' right hand up so that it looked like a latex glove that someone had blown into. upon seeing this, i demanded we stop playing and i nearly ralphed. there were many more challengers who all suffered the same fate, but to a lesser degree.

there is one other thing i need to note. about 10 years ago i had pulled the "let me show you my new dance move" joke that results in laura getting slapped. i did it twice, the second time being sweeter than the first due to it's outrageous set up. she had tried numerous times to get me back, often when i was inebriated, but she never quite pulled it off as she would get too excited and i would catch on. well dan had called me over. i was pretty drunk, but not enough to use it as an excuse. he set me up asking about his and laura's first dance. laura mentioned she wanted to try some new moves but dan wasn't feeling them. i of course ask about these moves and i fall for it hook, line and sinker. i got it good and laura finally got her revenge after all these years. the worst and most infuriating part was that i look up and eskay had videotaped the whole thing. i later saw him rewatching it with others, all laughing hysterically. i guess if i am going to be the butt of laura's joke, it might as well be on her wedding day. i know this will be the subject of one of laura's blogs when she returns and i will again be the focus of ridicule. she should just know that the war does not end with that slap.

we left the turtle sort of early to watch kimbo get knocked out. ben and louise led some people in rockband. people were passing out early and it was sort of a sad, anti-climactic way to end the night. therefore i decided to tell phil some bedtime stories prior to his going to sleep. i am not one to brag, but i am pretty sure those 2 stories will stay with him forever.

the next morning i awoke to be surprisingly sore. i hadn't been to the gym that day so i was confused. then i remembered, 7 or so rounds of intense hot hands had actually made me more sore than if i had worked out at the gym. my medial deltoids, both sides of my latissmus dorsi and even my left sternocleidomastoid (due to my intense head movements...i wish i was kidding about that) were all extremely sore. the palms of my hands were sore but not swollen due to wrecking people. it was pretty silly.

(i like how this whole entry is so focused on me, even though it is about dan and laura's wedding).

with that in mind, i do have some regrets/wishes:
  • i wish i had talked to jen more.
  • i wish others had drank way more.
  • i wish i had not left my awesome bottle of dragon's tail habanero hot sauce at the turtle...if anyone picked it up, please let me know.
  • i wish i had looked at my turtle bill a little closer.
  • i wish i had remembered to bring my camera to either event. thankfully i have stolen quite a few pictures posted by friends.
  • i wish dan had almost broken down during the ceremony instead of laura.
  • i wish i had talked to dan's parents...i sometimes just assume that people i barely know don't remember me and therefore don't really want to talk to me. the latter part might be true, but i wonder if i just appear rude.
below is a sample of pictures that i have stolen so far.

moments before the end

anders is a top student at nam's posing academy


laura was temporarily blinded by my being awesome. it's tough on the bride when she is out shined on her wedding day

louis kept introducing chakima (sp?) as "kima" which threw me off, but i knew either way, the answer was coupons.

any picture where my eyes are open and i don't have multiple chins becomes an instant go-to picture. louise looks nice too i guess.

phil and his stalker eyes obviously making some girl uncomfortable enough to walk away, pretending that she sees someone else she needs to talk to.

yeah...i dunno either.

cheers! i paid for those.

zoe has officially reached the status of being cuter than an animal dressed up as a different animal.


Phil said...

kevin kevin kevin, it really was a big day for you huh...oh and dan and laura got married..nice recap

In my defense I believe I had just told Sue a very amusing anecdote and she was going to gather others to hear it again, either that or she had mentioned something about having to go stand over there for a minute..

david said...

it looks like phil and zoe are locked in an intense wing-eating contest.